Monday, August 27, 2012

Pray for the Gulf Coast

First of all - yes, I'm back!  I felt it was important that I cease from blogging for a season, but I am now back.  My first priority is a call to pray!

As we know, soon-to-be Hurricane Isaac is heading towards New Orleans and the central Gulf Coast.  It will most likely arrive in New Orleans seven years to the day after Hurricane Katrina crashed into Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. My spiritual ears are open to the Lord and though I am tempted to speak on the ramifications of the name "Isaac" and the number "seven" and a hurricane revisiting New Orleans - the Lord has made it specifically clear to me that we are to seek His face and pray!

Pray for His mercy!
Pray for His protection!
Pray for those caught in the path of the storm to seek the Lord for His shelter and life!
Pray for a rapid response of assistance to those harmed!
Declare that even though we travel through a valley, the Lord will be with us and

OK, I can't resist!  One thing the Lord spoke to me on Sunday as Isaac was forming into a larger storm was this: "Remember what I (the Lord) did when Abram and Sarai were beyond hope for the promise of children.  I brought forth a child named "laughter."  When everything looks hopeless, God births the promise.  And as He does - the heavens are filled with laughter - the laughter of derision (Psalm 2) at those who would oppose Him and a laughter of joy for those who seek His face!

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