Monday, October 21, 2013

We Decree Floods

Yesterday at Prince of Peace Church, the Lord released a "flood word."  It started when I started proclaiming that God desires to break through our man-made barriers and limitations.  As we have been praying for rain over the State of Texas we have had several of us declare: "Lord, send your rain but no floods."  I know that the decree was birthed out of a desire that no property or lives be destroyed or endangered, BUT the Lord wants to send floods.  I remember when I was serving a congregation in Abilene, Texas that the streets literally needed to flood in order to fill the area lake.  The city streets were built for floods.

In October of 2006, Chuck Pierce prophesied: 
"Watch where the Heavens open and the floods "physically" reach the earth, and document those places! Those are places targeted for a Holy Spirit invasion. Rising flood waters will cause you to move to higher ground. As the River of Holy Spirit rises, you will find yourself moving to the high places. I will position My people on the high places this year. As you worship, I will cause ruling thrones of iniquity to topple. Like Dagon, their heads will fall before My Presence! Get ready! I shake loose wicked structures." 
So yesterday we asked to Lord to move outside of our banks, boundaries, limitations and fears.  We asked Him to flood us in the natural and the physical.  We decreed floods. 

As we continued in worship, the Spirit of the Lord broke forth on one of our young men and
he began to laugh in the Spirit.  It then moved into a powerful word in tongues.  The interpretation was interesting and powerful, It was not an interpretation of words but of a picture.  The Lord released His fountains from the deep and caused His glory to rain down on us.  We had over a dozen people experience manifestations or visions of flooding waters in our place of worship.  
  • One person saw a large dam filled with water crack open and flood the land.
  • Another person saw a tsunami come upon us and the Lord told him " move with the water (do not resist it) and it will cleanse everything in your life."
  • Another person had water rise up around them and engulf them in love.
  • Another person saw water and lowered their head to drink of it.  As they did they noticed a beautiful lion drink as well.  Then the Lion raised its head and shook its mane - sending water over everyone.
  • Another person saw water gushing out of "an eternity candle" that hangs from our ceiling. 
  • Another person saw a tuning fork rising up out of the water
There was a tremendous sense of joy, life, forgiveness, healing and excitement released through everyone.

The Lord reigns, He is clothed with majesty;  
The Lord  has clothed and girded Himself with strength;  
Indeed, the world is firmly established, it will not be moved. 
Your throne is established from of old;  You are from everlasting. 
The floods have lifted up, O Lord,  
The floods have lifted up their voice,  
The floods lift up their pounding waves. 
More than the sounds of many waters,  
Than the mighty breakers of the sea,  
The Lord on high is mighty. Your testimonies are fully confirmed;  
Holiness befits Your house, O Lord, forevermore. (Psalm 93)

Lord, forgive us for limiting You.  We not only declare but we fully receive Your flooding waters in both the spiritual and natural. We are "targeted for Your Holy Spirit invasion." And please NOTE: we are being flooded in order to carry His kingdom into every sphere of influence in our lives. Decree that the Lord flood your life - flood your city - flood Texas - flood our nation.
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