Tuesday, November 12, 2013


"Just as “eleven” is an incomplete number, the number “twelve” is a complete number. It signifies the number of divine government. More specifically, “twelve” speaks of apostolic fullness. It means that everything is going to come into all that it was intended to be. Everything is going to come into its apostolic fullness. And the true apostle is Jesus Christ. Everything is going to come into fullness in Jesus Christ.

So, as we study the numbers “eleven” and “twelve,” we should see a progression or transition from disintegration and chaos into order and alignment. We are not destined to stay in chaos until Jesus comes and sets everything into fullness and order. Even though we will witness the complete perfection of all things when He returns, God is saying, 'I want to begin to restore things NOW'” (Tom Schlueter, Keeper of the Keys).

And 13 (2013-5774) is the new door we are going through. On this 12th day of our fast, let's step through the door from chaos into order. Let's walk through God's ordained order.
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