Friday, June 13, 2014

Like Lightning

There were some powerful storms moving through portions of Texas last night, and over the last few hours I have heard several testimonies regarding powerful displays of lightning.

For instance, Laura Mallory of Ballinger posted pictures of a tree, which was struck by lightning.  You can’t see the tree because it shattered.

Sharon Denney, one of our TXAPN coordinators from San Antonio told us during morning prayers that her dad’s garage burned to the ground after lightning struck it.  There were thousands of strikes in their area.

And then, Beverly Hill from DeWitt County wrote:
Hello Tom and Kay,

I didn't get this spoken out on this morning's call, but was about to say it when you started talking about double portion at the end of the call. I live in Dewitt County, Southeast of San Antonio. We had lots of lightning last night. The heaviest part of the storm hit here close to 1:30 a.m. My dog hid under the porch. She began giving birth to two puppies during the heaviest part of the lightning. I heard her urgently barking loudly twice, and instead of sounding like travail, it sounded more like announcement. At first I thought maybe she was having trouble, but then I began hearing puppy noises and knew all was well. I was awake and praying because there was no way to hear the loudness of everything that was going on. Then when you all started asking God about the significance of the lightning I felt I should share it, but didn't. Then you spoke about double portion and that was a picture of double portion.
The Lord declared that our prayers, especially the fifteen-minute conference call prayers every morning, are like lightning.  Our declarations, like a powerful strike of lightning or the shot of a rifle, hits the mark.  It brings forth God’s heart into action as we declare His purposes. Read Psalm 29. 

It causes life to be birthed.  It brings forth energy into the atmosphere.  It releases nutrients into the soil.  Yes, it can shatter and it can cause fire.  It is the lightning of God.  It is the declaratory prayers of His saints.

I encourage you to go before His throne in His courtroom.  Hear His heart.  Declare His purposes.  Release His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. 

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