Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Here are a few the words for the Year 5775 Ayin-Hei

Robert Heidler – “The Hebrew letter Ayin is a picture of an eye. This is a year to see again; God wants to restore blind eyes. God wants to increase our ability to see! This is the year to see again! We call forth regenerative miracles. The Hebrew letter Hei is a picture of a window. The letter Hei represents the sound of the wind blowing through the lattice. This is going to be a year of roaring, encircling wind. This is a year to abide under the shadow of His wing. Psalm 91 is key this year. Live in the eye of the storm.”

Chuck D. Pierce – “There is a divine unlocking in you that will cause God to be seen like never before. Heaven is opening up in a different way. There will be a shifting of authority structures in the earth. The whirlwind is going to unlock the seed to be sown for the future. At the bottom of the whirlwind are seeds and jewels. I am going to show you and reposition you with seeds for the future. I am creating a new book of war! Let me unlock the seeds within you to sow seeds in famine.”

Paul Keith Davis – “It is God’s heart that the bride will be given access to the treasury room of heaven. We are entering a seven-year season of divine access to the heart of God. I saw a diamond heart and a blue light hitting the heart and spreading in seven colors horizontally. We are entering a season of time when nothing will be held back, but the nature, character, and treasures of Christ will be revealed through the bride of Christ.”

Dutch Sheets – “Enlarge the place of your tent. No more delay! Personal delay, Generational delay, Historical delay!  No more delay! We decree the Lord is bathing your bloodline with blood-covered mercy, to awaken and live in the fullness of original intent planned for you and yours from the foundation of the world. Shalom. Nothing missing, nothing lacking, nothing broken!
Other words that describe this year -
The Kingdom or Rule of God will contend with hidden, ancient-old evil Structures in both the visible and invisible realm with a level of unheard-of righteous, aggressive indignation and jealousy, and strategies.

 A Year of Unparalleled Sounds (Multiplicity of Kingdom Languages), Movements, Expressions & Dynamics of Holy Spirit.

A Year of New Sounds Arising from the Earth...Sounds of a New War & Sounds of Rage
will begin to Arise out of the Earth

A Year that the Winds of Heaven will Bring a Convergence of Generations (Seeds),
Movements & Nations. A Year of Unequaled 'BAPTISMS'
and Unparalleled 'FIRE'
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