Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why San Felipe?

We are called to release an army to follow the Ark of God's presence.
We are to gain the boundaries the Lord has established for us.
We are here to declare the government of our Lord against the tyranny of Satan.

Lord instructed us to retrace the steps of the 1835-36 Texas War for Independence.  We are to go to the sites of specific events on the 175th anniversary of those events.  The first event of the revolution took place in Gonzales on October 2, 1835.  Our second stop on the Independence Trail will be November 6 in San Felipe, Texas.

Chuck Pierce declared on October 10:
"In the midst of this struggle you are in and how you enter this season of war is how you'll gain the boundaries of your inheritance and all the blessings of your inheritance. Who you war FOR and HOW you express your warfare is how He's going to pour in your covenant blessings in days ahead. "Some of you" - the Lord is saying today - "Press further for you're about to give up a portion - Abram went the full distance and God made covenant with him and said, "It's all yours now." You might not see this (come to pass) but someone WILL see it because I Am God. There is a seed in you that says I want the full inheritance that God has for me. Let Me reorder your warfare for you now - so you receive all I have for you."
Chuck prayed, "Father expand our strength - let us look deep into the warfare around us - press us to the uttermost parts of the boundaries of our inheritance. We say we will not settle until we have moved with You the full boundaries of our future."
The consultation for the formation of a Texas Provisional Government assembled at San Felipe de Austin, on the first of November, 1835 ; but, for want of a quorum, they did not organize until the third day of the month. 

Branch T. Archer, the president of the assembly, opened its business in an appropriate (prophetic) address. 
Gentlemen: I return to you my thanks for the honor you have conferred upon me. The duties which. devolve upon the members of this body are arduous and highly important. In fact the destinies of Texas are placed in your hands and I hope, that you are now assembled, you are in every way prepared to discharge those duties in a manner creditable to yourselves and beneficial to your country. I call upon you, each and all, to divest yourself of all party feelings, to discard every selfish motive, and look alone to the true interests of your country. In the words of the Hebrew prophet I would say, "Put off your shoes, for the ground upon which you stand is holy. The rights and liberties of thousands of freemen are in your hands, and millions yet unborn may be effected by your decision." (
On the 7th, the consultation, after much discussion, adopted the declaration. It was not one of independence, but of adherence to the constitution of 1824. The ordinance "establishing a provisional government" was completed on the 13th day of November, 1835. It is the earliest specimen of Anglo-Saxon law ever enforced in Texas. The consultation adjourned, to meet at Washington (on the Brazos), on the 1st day of March, 1836.  In addition to other important matters, it was provided that  "there should be a regular army created for the protection of Texas during the present war." To give aid and assistance in organizing this army, in adopting rules for its government, and in providing the personnel and materiel, General Houston remained in attendance on the governor and council until the 16th of December, when he was ordered to remove his headquarters to Washington. 
Gather with us at San Felipe on Saturday, November 6.  We will gather at 2 PM at the San Felipe Town Meeting Room at 927 6 Street in San Felipe, Texas.  We will declare the establishment of God's everlasting government.  We will call forth His army!  We will on the Lord of Hosts to release His angelic forces.  We will establish our boundaries in Him.

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