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Report to Texas

Report to Texas
December 2010

The year 2010 was a significant year of praying, connecting and transforming throughout the State of Texas.  Below is a summary of the initiatives that were carried out.  Please take the time to read what the Lord has done and what is planned for 2011.  I also invite you (exhort you) to seriously consider planting seed into the Lord’s work.  He has given us a War Chest (see closing paragraphs of this report) so that Texas can take up the call as a Prophet State.  You can donate a one time year-end gift or commit to monthly support.  You can go to to make your donations or send them directly to TXAPN, P.O. Box 3503, Arlington, Texas 76007.


Hill Country    

On January 8 we gathered a team of 32 from across the state at in attendance at Marble Falls.  We travelled throughout the region of Marble Falls, Johnson City and Llano to deal with injustice, the spirit of death, and the shedding of innocent blood. TXAPN Council Member Cody Haynes of Johnson City hosted us.          

Border Trip

On January 23-30 Council Member Ken Bryan and I joined leaders from Mexico, California, Arizona and New Mexico on a 2000-mile prayer journey along the US-Mexico border. I have commented to many people since our return of how blessed I was to be a part of this historic covenant making team.  We had nine people forever bound together in purpose and friendship.  Our hearts were singular in focus as we dealt with the issues that faced us at every point along the journey.  We were and are sealing in the Spirit the treaty that was made between these two great nations.

The Lord, prior to the trip, had made it explicitly clear to me that there were two distinct declarations that needed to be made along the border. The first was from Isaiah 28:14-22.  It speaks of the undoing of the covenant with death and pact with hell – replacing it with Jesus the cornerstone – life, healing, hope and kingdom authority.  The second declaration was based on Ezekiel 11, which reverses the curse of the city (border) being the pot and the people the flesh.  God is tearing down the corruption at the gates and no less than 25 evil leaders from both nations will be discovered, brought down or destroyed by the time of Passover 2010.  At least a dozen were already dismantled during our trip.

The land was so beautiful and diverse. From the shores of the Pacific and Gulf to the crops of the Texas valley to the rugged mountains and desert regions, the land was awesome.  It speaks not only of the diversity of the land but of the people who live there.  I cannot stress enough the God appointed major storm system moving down the border days before our journey – cleansing the land.


Israel Covenant Journey
“I was glad when they said to me,
‘Let us go into the house of the LORD.’
Our feet have been standing
Within your gates, O Jerusalem!”
Psalm 122:1-2

On February 26-March 8, fifty-one persons from Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi travelled to Israel. It was time to secure one of the most important covenant relationships we have as a state. Every Friday in 2009 as we “Connected the Glory” throughout the state we proclaimed the following: “We declare we are rooted in covenant with God’s heart for the Jews and we recognize Israel’s role in the earth; a role of blessing.” In order to strengthen the Lord’s covenant promises with us – we need to intentionally bless His covenant people – Israel. And it was for the specific purpose of sealing Texas’ covenant with the nation and people of Israel.

Washington DC Prayer Initiative (HAPN)

On March 14-17 we joined the other 49 states of the nation in Washington DC to assault iniquitous roots within our nation.  We divorced Baal and declared the Writ of Assistance.  Information on the divorce and writ can be downloaded at  Each state had a minimum of 5 representatives in attendance.


Palo Duro Canyon

On April 23-24 we gathered to release healing, reconciliation and a new covenant of friendship between Texas and Native America – a new covenant based, not on political promises, but on the word of God to bring forth His kingdom.   John Benefiel shared the need for reconciliation and how it has brought healing to Oklahoma.  He talked of broken covenants, the national apology and Billy Graham’s words that the nation would not see revival until the Native Nations moved in it.  Jay Swallow, through humor and personal testimony began to dismantle feelings of fear, worry, distrust and awkwardness.  Many tears flowed as the Lord moved in our midst.  Ken Bryan, through the offering, called us of us to a new place of commitment, covenant and warfare. On Saturday, several prophetic acts were carried out to demonstrate our new covenant relationship:

•    A staff representing apostolic authority in the State if Texas was passed to Mark Wauahdooah from Tom Schlueter
•    Ken Bryan, acting on behalf of the US Army Corps of Engineers (Colonel Ranald S. Mackenzie was of the Corps of Engineers) apologized to the Comanche Nation.
•    Tom Schlueter gathered the Comanche Nation leaders (Michael Burgess, Robert Tippiconnie and Darrell Kosechequetah) before the members of the TXAPN Council and read a formal apology. The three Comanche leaders responded by receiving the apology and thanking us for honoring them in such a sacred place.
•    We shared gifts with the leadership of the Comanches as well as the attending representatives of the Kiowa, Cheyenne, Arapaho and Apache. The gifts were based on our desire to establish new covenants, not based on political states buy the kingdom of God.  The gifts included a Pendleton Robe for Chairman Michael Burgess, swords for each of the tribes as well as John Benefiel, engraved Bibles for the tribes and individual gifts for every Native American in attendance.


Formation of Executive Council

Based on the following word given to me by Barbara Wentroble on April 11 in Oklahoma City, we formed a TXAPN Executive Council:

Tom, every time I look over at you I see a new fire God is lighting on the inside of you. And the Lord said, “Son, you’re going to be known as a man of fire in the days ahead. And where those things have come to try to put out the fire, and limit the fire, God said, I’m turning it up now.”  And the Lord said, “Son, there’s going to even be a new strategy that I’m going to give you.  For there has been a frustration because the thing you thought would work and seemed to work a little bit but it never did reach the place that you knew God intended for it.” Now God said, “Watch me in this new season as I begin to bring along firebrands that are going to connect to you.”  For the Lord said, “It’s not going to be left up to you to light all of the fire.”  He’s going to put some firebrands with you that are going to join their fire with your fire. God says, “Watch that state begin to blaze anew in this new season.  Alleluia.
The Executive Council is Ken and Ginny Bryan, Lonnie and Annette Lavender, Merrie Cardin, Laurraine Huffman, Mike Sluder, Bob Long and Brick and Leann Wall.  The entire council is:
TXAPN Director - Tom and Kay Schlueter*
1 - Northern Panhandle - Erin and Jessy Mitchell, Mike Sluder*
2- Central Panhandle - Stephanie Bundick Bolton
3 - Southern Panhandle - Gwen Aldridge
4 - Comanche Nation - Mark Wauahdooah
4 - Rolling Plains - Eddie and Merrie Cardin*, Mary Ann Tittsworth
5 - Trinity - Anne Tate, Hollis and Carol Jean Kirkpatrick, Lonnie and Annette Lavender*, Sara Blakeney
6 - Northeast - Ken and Ginny Bryan*, Diane Kirkwood
7 - Big Bend - Laurraine Huffman*, Carmen Johnson
8 - Permian Basin - Don and Pat Palmer
9 - Plateau - Jimmy and Martha Dusek
10 - Heart of Texas - Kim Ulmer, Patsy Chmelar, Shirley Langston
11 - Southeast - Betty Johnson, Carolyn Hebert, Nancy Nicholson
12 - Capital - Bob Long*, Cody Haynes
13 - Birthplace - Bill and Connie Fisher, Hank Marion
14 - Mission - Natalie Hardy, Theresa Estrada
15 - Coastal Bend - Brick and Leann Wall*
16 - Valley - John Peel, Lanny and Dina Hall, Wayne Patchett
Hispanic Coalition - Mark Gonzales**
Christ the King Church - Ramiro Pena**
Glory of Zion - Chuck Pierce**
HAPN - John Benefiel**
Unfolding Glory - Israel - Tom and Mary Pucci**
Justice at the Gate - Alice and John Patterson**
Founder City Reachers - Alan and Eileen Vincent**
Somebody Cares - Doug Stringer**
USPRN - Cindy Jacobs**
*Executive Council 

Standing in the Gap

On June 30-July 1 I joined the other four Gulf Coast States at the “Standing in the Gap” gathering in Montgomery, Alabama to deal with the spiritual ramifications of the  Gulf Coast Spill.

Root 52
On July 23-29 we took our place as the 28th state of the nation in the initiative led by Cindy Jacobs and the United States Reformation Prayer Network called “Root 52.” We had prayer gatherings that week at Granbury, Waskom, Victoria, Canyon, El Paso, Austin, and Arlington.  The initiative’s purpose was to establish our spiritual roots as a state in Christ and His kingdom.

August, September, November   

Taking a Prophetic Lead

As our Executive Council and full Council met in July and August, the Lord declared that we would be intentionally taking a role as a prophet gift to the nation.  He was going to send us out to the states to release words into the nation.  During these three months the Lord intentionally sent council members to:

California (Ken and Ginny Bryan)
New York City (Lonnie and Annette Lavender)
Oklahoma (Merrie Cardin, Tom Schlueter, Ken and Ginny Bryan) - Trail of Healing
Georgia (Hollis and Carol Jean Kirkpatrick)
Hawaii (Alice and John Paterson, Hollis Kirkpatrick, Laurraine Huffman)

Set in Order

On August 20, we began our "Set in Order" gathering for the Texas Apostolic Prayer Network at Prince of Peace Church in Arlington.  The word of the Lord for the day is "muster."  He is sounding the alarm.  He is mustering the troops. The dictionary defines muster as: (1) to assemble (troops, a ship's crew, etc.), as for battle, display, inspection, orders, or discharge, (2) to gather, summon, rouse, (3) to assemble for inspection, service, etc., as troops or forces or (4) to come together; collect; assemble; gather.

There was a distinct prophetic call to us from the Lord to gather.  He is "marshaling the troops." A friend approached me before the service and declared that the Lord is marshaling us.  Marshal means: (1) to arrange in proper order; set out in an orderly manner; arrange clearly (2) to array, as for battle or (3) to usher or lead ceremoniously.

He is setting everyone and everything in order. He is calling us to "pay the price" for His kingdom. With a raised sword, I reminded the full house of worshipers from across the state (we also had Oklahoma, Louisiana and Colorado represented) that the Lord was calling each of us into a new assignment.  In the spring of the year I stood under this tree near Gonzales, Texas and called the saints of God to muster together.  The Houston tree is where Sam Houston mustered the newly formed army of Texas after the fall of the Alamo. We serve the kingdom of God.  We are mustered for His work.  The kingdom of darkness will crumble and fall as we move together as the Lord's army.  Rise up saints of God.


Independence Trail – The Release of Glory

The Lord instructed us to retrace the steps of the 1835-36 Texas War for Independence.  We are to go to the sites of specific events on the 175th anniversary of those events.  The first event of the revolution took place in Gonzales on October 2, 1835.  A small cannon was fired as opposing forces came to retrieve it.

We are also to begin the release of God's glory into the State of Texas. 

Chuck Pierce spoke the following words over Kay and I at “The Releasing of the Fire of His Glory” meeting at New Life Church in Houston on Sunday, September 26:

"Now there’s one more thing I want you to see.  The symbol of this year means we will become one with His Glory and the Glory will begin to move and we will move with His Glory.
Now, Tom, I think the Lord brought you and Kay here.  You and Kay stand up.  Let’s welcome one of our key leaders in the prayer movement in this state.  Tom and Kay Schlueter.  I think the Lord brought you two here so you know that as the Ark moves you need to find the path the Ark is on in Texas.  Go back to what we saw prophetically a year or so ago when I showed it here.  I never showed it again.  Never mentioned it again actually.  This was the place God asked me to show what the State looked like from Heaven.  Follow that because there will be a move of God’s glory this year.


After the meeting I spoke to him about our assignment this Saturday in Gonzales as we retrace the “War of Independence” trail.  He said to me, “Start it there.  Don’t pull anything down but release His glory.”

HAPN Assignment

We joined the other fifty states in visiting every Masonic Lodge in the State of Texas.  Our three-fold purpose was to divorce Baal and his iniquitous structures, proclaim the Writ of Assistance in order to receive those treasures lost to the enemy and to bless and pray for our brothers and sisters in Freemasonry.


Upcoming Assignments

1.    An Army of 10,000 Intercessors – A word was given by Chuck Pierce at an April 2010 meeting in Oklahoma City that each state was to have 10,000 recorded intercessors by April of 2011 as a part of the triumphant reserve of each state.  WE ARE WELL ON OUR WAY. 

2.    Monthly State Visits – Now that we are personally (at Prince of Peace Church) doing a First Friday service – I am freed up at least two Sundays a month to travel the state.  I can also make midweek trips.  I will be intentionally planning to visit one or two areas of Texas each month.  
3.    El Camino Real de los Tejas – Our next major assignment will be retracing this significant trail from Natchitoches, Louisiana to the Texas-Mexico border. The Lord has and is downloading significant information regarding this trip.  He has opened up the following dates for the journey: January 28 through February 2, 2011.  The trip was first conceived as the Lord made a Macedonian Call to me to send resources and reinforcements to John and Jan Peel in Roma, Texas.  I can remember the Lord prophetically declaring through me, when Chuck Pierce commissioned me in June 2007, that one of the primary reasons for TXAPN was to stand with each other as a united intercessory state network.  When someone in El Paso was in need – we must go, as a State, to his or her aid.  If someone needs us in Jasper – we must go.  If someone in Houston, Lamesa, Granbury, Marble Falls, Waskom or anywhere needs us – we must go.  Roma NEEDS us. (By the way, this clarion is now extended to our Nation)  But the strategy has gone beyond the first call.  The Lord is instructing us to dismantle major iniquitous roots and routes that were established in our land.  

  1. Kneel in Repentance.  We will stop at key areas along the trail.

  2. Establish His throne through Worship.  We will stop for evening sessions of worship.

  3. Give in order to support the work at Roma.  We will carry the TXAPN War Chest.
We want pastors, leaders, intercessors and church members of the entire State of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mexico to join us in force along the trail.  A core team will make the entire trip.  Let me know if you are led to be on that core team.  

Here are the scheduled stops at this point: 
  1. Friday, January 28 – Natchitoches, Louisiana

  2. Saturday, January 29 – Nacogdoches, Texas

  3. Sunday, January 30 – Bryan, Texas

  4. Monday, January 31 – San Marcos, Texas

  5. Tuesday, February 1 – Laredo, Texas

  6. Wednesday, February 2 – Roma, Texas

4.    Independence Trail – We have visited Gonzales and San Felipe.  Through this assignment, the Lord is releasing our call to take the lead for the nation. The Lord has instructed me that we still have the following sites to visit: 
  1. March 2 – Washington on the Brazos – Independence as residents of God’s Kingdom

  2. March 6 – Alamo – Drawing the Line

  3. March 14 – Gonzales (Houston Oak) – Calling the Army
  4. March 27 – Goliad - Sacrifice

  5. April 21 – San Jacinto – Victory – Outside Worship 
  6. May 14 – Velasco – Treaty of Peace
5.    Regional Meeting – The first South Central Region meeting of HAPN/USRPN will be held February 4-5, 2011 at Prince of Peace Church in Arlington, Texas.  Bill Suddeth will be our main presenter.  This is AN EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT AND SENSTIVE meeting that will fall on the heels of our El Camino Real Journey.  It is the day before the Super Bowl in Arlington, but the Lord clearly arranged the day.  We must take out a significant in Texas and Arlington on that weekend.  We will also be calling a time of Forty Days of Prayer prior to this meeting to cover it as well as El Comino Real. Wow!  I know this is a lot.  We need to discern the part that each of us will play in each assignment.  Not everyone can be everywhere – BUT everyone must connect in. Welcome to the War.  

War Chest

The Texas Apostolic Prayer Network (TXAPN) has shifted, have you?  For over a year now prophecies have come forth that the Lord was shifting Texas into a destiny of leading the nation during the upcoming seasons.  The Lord is establishing us as a fulcrum point or anchor for a "teetering nation." 

This shift will entail extensive travel, ministry, strategic assignments and fellowship with other states and nations as we jointly serve to advance the Kingdom. Three times over the last month we sent teams to the West Coast, New York City and Georgia. This translates into the need for resources above and beyond anything experienced by TXAPN since its inception.

Think God’s not in this?  Think again. Ken Bryan and I just returned from a trip to our neighbor state Louisiana that involved all facets of who we are in this new season.  We stayed in a hotel that was formally a bank.  When we arrived at our room there was a “war chest” waiting on us, strategically gifted out of obedience to the Lord by our good friends Roger and Charlotte Merschbrock.  BUT this wasn’t just any war chest; this one is one of three sown by the late Diane Buker (Battle Axe Ministries) to Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida before her untimely death. The Lord instructed Louisiana to sow their chest to Texas to contain the resources necessary to lead the nation. 

Roger Merschbrock has picked up a phrase he repeats at most prophetic gatherings.  Roger says, "Even a dog could prophecy when he’s in this group."  I’ll expand on Roger’s phrase.  "Even a dog could interpret this one."  God has given Texas a “war chest” to contain the resources that are going to flow into TXAPN this season allowing us to take our place in this next move of God and lead as He wills. Just to remind us of the need for resources we spent the night in a bank.

When we gathered for the Palo Duro Canyon reconciliation meeting I asked Ken Bryan to take up the offering.  Ken ended his exhortation of this new season with the phrase, “Are you in or you out”.  That simple statement has become a prophecy to what God intends for Texas this season.  We are called out and assigned by the Most High God, Ruler of the Universe to serve Him in ways much greater than any of us could have imagined just three years ago when I was handed the reins of TXAPN.  As much as I would like to delay or avoid the need to communicate this type message to all within earshot, I can’t.  I have a very large empty “war chest” staring at me from across the room waiting to fulfill its divine purpose.  It’s time for each of us to reevaluate how we are called to support TXAPN right now, in other words “its time to be in, not out."

You can send a gift or monthly support to:

P.O. Box 3503
Arlington, Texas 76007

or go to the eGiving link on the front page of  We serve the kingdom of God.  We are mustered for His work.  The kingdom of darkness will crumble and fall as we move together as the Lord's army.  Rise up saints of God.
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