Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm Impressed!

Over the last two days I have had the honor to spend time with three of our Texas State Representatives. I was with two them during the Texas State Prayer Breakfast yesterday in Austin. Today I had lunch with the third here in Arlington.

I'm impressed. Each of them revealed an underlying trait of humility and servant hood to the people of Texas. These are godly men. They love the Lord. They desire for Him to be glorified through their public and private lives. They are faithfully seeking God's wisdom as they make crucial, life-changing and hard decisions in Austin.

I promised all of them that my role as coordinator of the Texas Apostolic Prayer Network is not to lobby and pressure them. I desire to development a relationship with the men and women that serve us so that I can have a better understanding on how to release prayer for them and with them. It is one kind of prayer to place these servants on a prayer list where we pray regularly for them, their spouses, their families and jobs. It is another depth of prayer to understand their heart, their struggles, and their agonizing decisions regarding some bill or legislation. We need to seek, with them, God's will and heart for kingdom action.

I won't share who, but one of them exhorted me to get out the word to each of you to contact your legislators and NOT just for the purpose to express your opinion or to encourage them to vote for this or that. Call your legislators - encourage them, stick by them, tell them that you know the decisions are hard and whether or not they make a decision which is popular or not - that you will stand behind them with prayer. These three men are sincerely seeking God's will and it is not always easy to discern that "will" over the sounds of public opinion, unfolding crisis or our own reasoning.

I shared that the Lord had instructed me years ago as my personal prayer list of needs was not being met, that number 1 on my list was His number 5. I want to know the Lord's heart on the matter - whether it regards my personal walk or a legislator making policy. As the Lord intercedes for us at the right hand of the Father - I desire to know what He is praying regarding Texas. I want to know His opinion of the border, entitlements, life, education, etc. I will guarantee you that His ways and thoughts are not ours.

We elected these representatives to represent us, but first and foremost they are to represent and honor God. Let's pray for them. Stand behind them. Walk with them as together we seek His face.
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