Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Statewide Call to Pray - Day Forty-Seven!

The Lord wants to deal with the heart of our state and nation.  In just a few days we will gather at The Response in Houston to allow Him to pierce our hearts with His love and mercy.

In preparation for that day I would like us to journey through a declaration of repentance that I first read two years ago on Friday, July 31, 2009.  The next few days we will walk through this declaration:
We gather here today as citizens of the United States of America and as citizens of God’s Kingdom. Our American citizenship being conferred to us by mutual place of birth and residence in God’s providence; our Heavenly citizenship being purchased for us by the finished work of Jesus’ death and resurrection on the cross in which we corporately trust. We recognize that as members of both this earthly and heavenly kingdom, it is our sacred duty and trust to bridge the gap between our nation and the Almighty. It has fallen to us, and to our watch, to bear witness of His righteous judgments in the face of impending calamity. We now endeavor to sound the trumpet of a watchman thus commissioned by God and stationed upon the ramparts of our great nation. (Ezekiel 33:1-7)

On behalf of our national sins and to any degree in which we have personally partaken we do now repent for:
The Sin of Hypocrisy: With great shame do we confess our profound tendency to allow our speech and our actions to suffer violence one against the other. For allowing ourselves to be called by Your Name while casually denying the responsibility of that calling, we repent. On behalf of the Body of Christ we repent for the sins of preaching purity yet refusing to abstain from immorality; for speaking unity but demonstrating competition and judgment among our fellow saints; and thinking more highly of ourselves then we ought.  Above all we repent for allowing Your Name, O God, to be defamed by those who neither know you nor your Son, on account of our actions. Matthew 6:1-5 – Matthew 23:28 – Romans 12:9 – 1 Peter 2:1

Lord we are guilty; we beseech You to have mercy!

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