Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Statewide Call to Pray - The Day After

The body of Christ gathered in Houston.  The numbers were over 30,000.  Over 1000 different ministries and churches registered.  Untold thousands witnessed the event via internet and direct TV.

I personally witnessed the presence of all races - Native American, Black, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Anglo.  I met people from every major continent.  As I walked into Reliant Stadium a little after 8 am, I was immediately struck by the sense of anticipation, excitement, unity and worship.  This was truly an assembly of the saints.  I have been to lot of large church gatherings - but this truly represented our Lord's church.

Because of a previously scheduled family gathering (my entire family from Texas, Massachusetts, and Missouri gathered in Fredericksburg, Texas to celebrate my dad's 90th birthday), I had to leave The Response early about 11:00 am.  As I left, hundreds of people were streaming into every door.  There was an alluring by our Lord to be drawn into His presence for a time of worship, repentance, fellowship, forgiveness and prayer.

As I was driving west out of Houston, Ken Bryan of Waskom, Texas called me and informed that Governor Perry was speaking.  I was able to hear him as He read from God's Word and prayed.  Tears were rolling down my eyes.  I kept on hearing in my spirit, "This is the tipping point."  Many well known and not so known names of the church gathered to pray on the platform yesterday, but it was the courageous faith and actions of our Governor that tipped the scales.  He lead us to the throne of God.  Many protested his involvement but he did nothing different than kings, presidents, governors and statesmen of the past had done. Our nation is in crisis and he responded.  I think it was significant that as I heard Governor Perry's voice over the phone that I was driving by San Felipe, Texas, where Stephen F. Austin first established, by God's grace, a settlement in Texas.  Read my blog about San Felipe - especially Branch Archer's comments.

Early that evening, our family gathered around a dinner table in Fredericksburg, and like hundreds of thousands of others - we joined hands and responded to the call to pray.  We humbled ourselves under the mighty hand of God and asked for His mercy upon our nation.  The best way I can summarize yesterday is this: "We met with our God.  We were called to pray and re responded."  Now we break through into His promises.  Yes, that will include rain!

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