Friday, October 21, 2011

40 Days Over DC - Texas

Join us next Monday evening (6 PM - October 24) through Tuesday (6 PM - October 25) as we focus the prayers from Texas on Washington DC. We desire that the Lord overwhelm and influence our capital with His presence.  Through prayer - let's saturate DC with prayer, worship and God's love, mercy and grace!

Check out video on DC40.

“There is a mantle on Texas to bring forth change in America. Jesus, we want more of Your Christ anointing of the prophetic. Jesus, the Prophet, come to Texas. Come with Your holy zeal. Come with Your fire, come with Your revelation – Jesus, the Prophet, the Prophet of God. The very testimony of You is the Spirit of prophecy. Jesus, come and mantle Texas tonight with another level, another degree of the prophetic anointing to be forerunners for America. Impregnate this state with a transformation anointing. Impregnate this state with the ability to prophesy and decree change to the rest of the nation. Impregnate this state with revelation so that their words don’t fall to the ground. Impregnate them with a power that no matter what the hoards of hell say, that something changes in the Spirit. The decrees of man, the unrighteous spirit, the decrees of ungodly judges begin to pale and fall before You. Let the idols of man fall and be broken next to the Ark of Your Presence, Lord. Lord, I say according to Your word, a nation could be born from this state. I say there is a governmental anointing on the State of Texas – on the church of Texas – to rise up in her position in heavenly places and begin to legislate and begin to affect, to release the government of God that changes the government of man.” (Dutch Sheets – Dec 2004)
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