Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Happy Anniversary - A New Anointing - Mustering

On Thursday, May 28th, I was in the Texas State Capital for our weekly prayer assignment.  I was the only one who was able to come so I spent the time in personal prayer and worship.  As I walked to different parts of the capital building, I went to the auditorium which is located directly below the rotunda of the capital.  I was disappointed that it was locked and I could not get in.  It is a special place for me.

On Monday, June 1, we were once again in the capital building on the last day of the 84th legislative
June 3, 2007 - Texas State Capital
session.  After arriving at the building I once again headed to the auditorium.  As I walked near the door, a man appeared out of nowhere.  He had keys in his hand and he unlocked the door.  He said: "This is just the auditorium."  I said: "Yes, I know, but I would like to see it."  He said: "No problem."

I walked through the room, reminiscing its importance.  As I finished, the man appeared again and locked the doors behind me. Why was it important?  Eight years ago (and today, June 3, is the actual anniversary), Dr. Chuck Pierce set me in as the director of the Texas Apostolic Prayer Network (TXAPN). The network, until that moment, did not exist.

Today is the eighth anniversary of that moment. Eight is a significant number for it speaks prophetically of new beginnings.  Eight is a "gate" that leads us into the destiny and promises of God. This morning on our daily conference prayer call for Texas, the Lord released this word:
I am placing a fresh anointing on my people today.  It is a fire anointing.  It is an anointing which will release My fire, My presence, My strength and My glory wherever you are!  It is an anointing for the Ecclesia of Texas.  I am engaging you this day for great exploits.  You will see My kingdom come forth.  There will be a new sound that comes forth from you that will shake foundations.  You have decreed that the foundations of My throne are righteousness and justice, but today I decree that, as you are seated with Me in heavenly places, you also are righteousness and justice being released into the state and nation.
Lord, we embrace Your call.  We move ahead with this fresh fire anointing with full conviction.  You
are mustering us for this day and for this season. Lord, on Monday, we placed a covenantal stake into the ground of our state's governmental structure and declared that we will not go back to old systems and structures.  We are moving ahead with You.  This is the day.  This is the hour.  We are no longer satisfied with the status quo - it is time to move ahead.  We open the doors with the key that You have given us.

As a part of this mustering, I can not express enough the importance of the gathering we are having at Glory of Zion in Corinth, Texas on August 6-8.  It is imperative that each of us try our best to gather (muster) as the Ecclesia of Texas on those dates. You can read about, register and reserve hotels for "Texas: Engaged for Exploits" at  Go there now and commit to join us.
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