Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pass On The Signal!

This morning the Lord reminded me of my college days at Texas A&M University. We were at a football game and the stands were packed with thousands of students. It was time for the students to carry out one of their traditional yells. Aggies don't do cheers, but instead have coordinated yells they carry during the games. The yell leaders on the field will give a signal of which yell will be carried out next and like a wave coming into shore the signal is passed up to the thousands of students and other fans.

The Lord showed me that this was similar today. The signal has been given. The shofar has sounded. The whistle has blown. It is time to muster the troops. It is time to gather and to see the church come together as a mighty army of kings, priests, intercessors and warriors for the kingdom. It is time for the fivefold ministry to come into its greatest season. It's time for the prophets to arise. It's time for the apostles to take the lead. It's time for Texas to gather together and to be "engaged for exploits."

Pass the word. Pass the signal along. Gather the troops. On August 6-8 the church of Texas will gather in Corinth, Texas to be "Engaged for Exploits." Answer the call today to respond and to register.

And most importantly, pass the signal on to others. It's time for us to cry out with the synchronized voice that the kingdom and the will of God will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Sign up today at!
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