Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Prophetic First Fruits Weekend

Don't forget this word given by the Lord!

Have I not declared it and therefore is it not so that Prince of Peace House of Prayer is a key. I hold this key in My hands and in this very hour I am using it to open up the doors of the courts in order that my decrees and plans can and will be released in earth. Do not take this lightly for I have asked others to do this but they did not hear me or they refused my offer. You have not and therefore know, that this day, I am turning you in my hand and the door is opening.

This Friday (November 4) will be our monthly First Fruits worship service here at Prince of Peace House of Prayer.  This morning, during prayers with intercessors across the State of Texas, I heard the Lord declare that "This weekend would be a First Fruits offering for the State of Texas and the Nation."

We will meet at 7 PM, Friday evening, November 4.  We will celebrate our entrance into the month of Cheshvan. Cheshvan is the eighth month of the Jewish calendar and linked with the tribe of Manasseh.  

“Joseph called the name of the firstborn Manasseh: “For God has made me forget all my toil and all my father’s house” (Genesis 41:51).

Manasseh means “causing to forget.” I believe the Lord is causing us to look back over the last year and allowing Him to flood us with His grace, strength and love. We will forget the turmoil, the pain, the division, the rhetoric and the "flood of anger, fear and uncertainty" that we have felt regarding terrorism, the economy, racial unrest, the elections, etc. This month marks not only the beginning month but the ending month of the Great Flood. GOD WILL CROWN THIS YEAR with His love.

Allow the fragrance and strength of God to permeate your soulish nature. This is a month to smell the awe of God and a month when the fragrance of the Holy Spirit begins to emanate so a move of the Holy Spirit can begin.

Isn't it interesting, as the Lord was pointing out to me this morning, that He is preparing in this house
(which is a key in His hand) a First Fruit offering for the State and Nation.  Two ministries are coming this weekend of First Fruits.  Both of them approached us to be here this weekend. 

The first was Dennis Jernigan.  He will be releasing his new album "First Love" at Prince of Peace on Friday evening. The Lord is reminding Texas, the Nation, you and me that He is drawing us close to Him.  He is re-igniting our first love for Him as He demonstrates His passionate and extravagant love for us.

Secondly, Arthur Burk of Sapphire Leadership Group contacted us and asked if they could present a seminar on "How to be a Noble
Subject when Your Government is Dysfunctional."  The Lord is mantling us, not only with His love, but with His nobility.  We are citizens of heaven.  We are kings and priests of His kingdom. The Lord declared this to me in my previous blog: 
"Don't linger. Don't wait. We have a great adventure ahead of us. I'm taking you to places
you've never been. I'm walking with you into the great season of your life. Don't be afraid to let go of some things that you cherish. They have prepared you for this journey, but come on - let's walk!"

As I walked I saw a whole new set of armor placed on me. I don't know how to describe it. It is brilliant in color. It glows as crystal but looks pure like gold. It is strong and impenetrable.

He said, "Wherever you walk you will strengthen the land. You will release light into the atmosphere no matter how dark. There is a troop with you. You are not alone. They are armored as you are for that has been your desire. We walk together. My kingdom is here. My will is done."
We are loved.  We are mantled with nobility.  Let us walk with God! He's turning us like a key in His hand to unlock the destiny of a state and nation.
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