Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Cubs Win - A Prophetic Picture

Before moving to Texas in 1961 (immediately after Hurricane Carla had ravaged Galveston), I lived in Northeast Iowa and like my dad, I rooted for the only team that counted - the Chicago Cubs.  I treasure the baseball signed by Ernie Banks. I was thrilled, while attending a church conference in 1985 to attend a Cubs game in Wrigley.  I've been one of those that "always pulled" for the Cubs through the worst of years.

In 1945, my mom and dad were married.  They remember that last pennant won by the team. In a previous blog entitled Two Visitations I wrote the following:
The main part of what I'm sharing will actually refer to the reference regarding a whirlwind or hurricane at the end of the visitation. I believe it confirms and ties together with Chuck Pierce's word regarding the wind being released now that has been held in heaven for the last eight years.

I also referred to a word that he gave to me earlier this year: "I am bringing my people out of Babylon." We are entering the season of restoration, victory and celebration. Last night, I believe that we saw another indicator of this victory and of the wind when the Chicago Cubs won their first pennant after a 71 year wait. The exiles started returning from Babylon after the 70th year. There were tremendous celebrations and restored hope in the faces of the players and fans as they won last night in Chicago, the Windy City.
And those celebrations were nothing compared to those last night as the Cubs broke a 108 year
drought (with a rain delay) by winning the World Series with a double (portion) in the tenth (testimony) inning of the seventh (complete) game of the series. They turned around a certain defeat (in a turn around year) by winning three games (a three-fold cord) in a row. Ben Zobrist, the most valuable player and a devout follower of Jesus hit that double in the tenth which led to the victory. He graduated from Dallas Baptist in the prophet state of Texas where the Lord has declared for this new year that it is a time to "Awake, Emerge and Plunder." By the way, don't miss the gathering (called by the same name) in San Marcos, Texas on November 11-12, 2016. Go to the Glory of Zion website for more info. 

The Cubs roared back like a hurricane. Victory was achieved. Celebrations are in order, and just in case you missed it - I'm really talking about the Kingdom of God. Let the winds blow!
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