Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kay's Favorite Movie

Now any of you that know Kay will know this immediately - she has about 50 "favorite" movies.  But easily in the Top Ten is Chisum. It's a John Wayne flick. She has other John Wayne hits like North to Alaska, McClintock, and The Green Berets, but Chisum probable ranks the highest.  At least it is one of those that brings forth a song.  When our kids were young I'm not sure they could pronounce Chisum, so it came out "chisel."  So Kay sings, "Chisel, John Chisel...."

The real Murphy store
The movie is based on the historical events from New Mexico called the Lincoln County Wars.  It was about a rugged cattleman named John Chisum, his sidekick Pepper (who always mumbled), a town baron named Murphy, a lawyer named McSween and Billy the Kid.  I'm almost positive, that even though it was based on history, it was not fully historical, but we love it anyway.  Hey, its a John Wayne movie.

Well, on our journey to Arizona, we are presently in New Mexico (Ruidoso) and we came through Lincoln.  We walked the streets.  We took in the sites.  We examined old photos of Chisum, McSween, Murphy and Billy.  I had not previously planned it but I was even wearing my "Old Guys Rule" shirt with John Wayne on it.  It brought back a lot of great memories.  We were last here about 25 years ago.  We stayed overnight with some great friends, the Watkins.  They are powerful intercessors for the Lord.  Their home, being built among the pines is rustic and beautiful.  There is a portal of heaven in this place.

And once again - the food is awesome - as well as the scenery.  We are definitely chilling (its probably in the 50's this morning) and relaxing.  And before I forget - Happy Father's Day!  Especially to my wonderful dad Arnold Schlueter.  He's the best!
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