Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What's in Store?

After a fantastic visit in the Flagstaff and Grand Canyon area, it was time to head south to Phoenix.  As we were leaving Flagstaff I remembered that several friends had exhorted us "not to miss" Sedona.  It's beautiful in Sedona.  You can't bypass Sedona.

But we had just bypassed it.  Well, at least we had just bypassed the exit to Sedona.  I asked Kay to check map. 

"Are there any other exits?" 

"Yes, there's one coming up in just four miles."  It didn't look very impressive, as exits go, and I challenged Kay on her knowledge of the exit. She simply said, "It's marked as an exit to Sedona." 

I took it and was immediately faced - not with a state highway - not with a county road - but with a National Forest Service dirt road called Schnebly Hill Road.  It simply read "Sedona. 12 miles" and headed into the forest.  Now understand - I had no idea what was even at Sedona.  Why are we going?  Why is it pretty?  What was in store for us?  After four miles of rough but manageable driving, the suspense was over.  We arrived at the Schnebly Hill Road Overlook and came face to face with some of the most beautiful red rock formations I have ever seen.

For the next eight miles we wound our way down the mountain through those formations.  God had something marvelously in store for us.  An exit that seemed insignificant, even wrong, turned out to be the highlight of our trip.  Isn't that just the way it is with our God?  Don't be too concerned with "the wrong exits" you have taken.  A very majestic, beautiful, grace-filled Lord is waiting for you at the Schnebly Hill Road Overlook.

The Red Rocks at Sedona
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