Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Morning in Utopia

This past Saturday morning I was in Utopia.  Cody Haynes, a friend who serves on the Texas Apostolic Prayer Network invited me to come to Utopia whenever I was nearby.  Well, this past weekend we were in Fredericksburg, Texas, which is nearby.  By the way, it is Utopia, Texas.

Cody is a pastor of the Cowboy Church in Johnson City but he also works on movies.  Because of his experience with livestock, he works with cows, horses etc. on movie sets.  He is presently working on Seven Days in Utopia. The movie is based on the novel by Dr. David Cook entitled: Golf's Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia. I had heard summaries of the movie since our network has been helping provide intercessory coverage for the project.  It is about a professional golfer who has a changed life after spending seven days with a special mentor in Utopia, Texas.  The main actors in the movie are Robert Duvall and Lucas Black.

The morning had a profound affect on my life.  Even though we were there for a short time, my son-in-law Tim and I were able to meet Dr. Cook.  We also connected with Robert Richards.  He is a long time resident and pastor of Utopia with a passion for God's kingdom.  Dr. Cook warmly embraced and welcomed us.  He was sincerely thankful for our prayers.  We were able to watch Robert Duvall and Lucas Black in a taping of one of the scenes.  There was a remarkable expression of God's presence in the town, among the people and on the set. 

As we left, David Cook provided me a signed copy of his book.  I finished reading the short novel by the next morning.  I strongly encourage you to order a copy at the Links of Utopia website.  You will understand the meaning of SFT - see, feel and trust. 

I invite you, along with the author, to a journey of discovering who you are in Christ Jesus.  With everything in you - you will want to see His face, feel His presence and trust His love.
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