Monday, January 17, 2011

Thirteen Days to Glory

This past Friday (January 14) we were in Homer, Louisiana.  Where is that?  Why?  It is snuggled into Northern Louisiana just east of Shreveport.  We had a meeting called "Glory Invasion" there and it brought in intercessory leaders from all of Louisiana as well as Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.  On that night I witnessed intercessors and leaders from South and North Louisiana repenting and reconciling to each other.  We witnessed prophetically a "siege line" formed to insure that dark regions in their state could no longer flourish.  A tremendous mantle and anointing fell on all those present.
The Alamo

The meeting was a precursor to what the Lord was going to be doing in the near future.  Read the letter/testimony of Ken Bryan (TXAPN Executive Council member from Waskom, Texas) which he wrote to me today.
Sorry you missed Saturday and Sunday in Homer but I wanted to keep you up to date with how the Lord continues to move with us, TXAPN, this season.  Just a reminder that the Homer, Louisiana area where you joined us Friday evening for the “Glory Invasion” is an area Chuck Pierce avoids at all cost, even going out of his way to drive around it when he travels.  In other words it has been a weak area spiritually. Also remember that I shared Friday night that the Lord told me to lay a siege line across north Louisiana.
I hope you recall me telling you that on our West Coast Journey at the San Francisco House of Prayer the word “Alamo” came forth as my team was being prayed for and we all fell down.
Saturday morning, January 15th, after I opened the “Glory Invasion” morning session I received a text from Michael Dowling, San Francisco House of Prayer.  The following is the text.
“Hey brother, how has everything been going?  Just wanted to share with you that as I watched a movie about the Alamo I couldn’t stop relating the Davy Crockett actor with you.  Every time he spoke it sounded like you to me.  I think you’ve seen it.  Well just wanted to share that through out the whole movie I kept hearing "Ken".  I was really impacted by the movie anyway.  I had forgotten the details of the Alamo account and it made me understand many important aspects of the nation’s history especially of Texas. Remember the Alamo."
I got back up at the meeting and explained to the gathering what had happened in San Francisco, that the name of the book this Alamo movie was taken from was “Thirteen Days to Glory; The Siege of the Alamo”.  Those good in math started sighing, 13 days from the 15th will be January 28th, the day we start the El Camino Real journey at Natchitoches, Louisiana.  (We will be carrying the “Glory” on our journey)  Davy Crockett entered Texas from Natchitoches where from what we can tell; he probably had to cross the Sabine River on the ferry where the owner made you join the Masons to enter Texas.  Crockett and his Tennessee volunteers were assigned to defend the weakest part of the Alamo Mission, an area that meant they were willing to sacrifice their life for freedom.
It is very clear the Lord is speaking to us at TXAPN in a language we can understand. Michael and I have not conversed in a couple of months and we haven’t discussed the Alamo incident since October of last year.  He chose Saturday morning, January 15th to remind me to “Remember the Alamo” and the role of Texas in the nation’s history.  Let the El Camino Real de los Tejas also be another important aspect of the nation’s history.
It just kept coming. As we were driving back to Homer on Sunday morning to conclude the “Glory Invasion” meeting a van passed us on the interstate.  There was a large sign on the back of the van, it said “Traveling the Kings Highway”
General Tom, my volunteers and I will be joining you in Natchitoches 13 days from January 15th and proceeding into Texas. 
David Crockett
The glory invasion of Texas will start on January 28 as we begin retracing the path of El Camino Real de lost Tejas (The King's Highway of Texas).  Interestingly we will be travelling the same road David Crockett did during the same period of time but 175 years later.  Another initiative we are presently carrying out is the retracing of the Texas Independence Trail - an independence won 175 years ago.  We will re-visit sites such as the Alamo and San Jacinto in March and April.  Read about this assignment at

Lord - invade us with Your glory!

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