Saturday, January 29, 2011

Natchitoches - El Camino Real de los Tejas

United together as a team
We began our journey last night in Natchitoches.  Powerful worship.  Powerful declarations.  A united and committed core team.  A mustering of willing troops.  Our offerings for the border - pledged and given are already over $5000.  Praise the Lord.  Here are three of the declarations we made last night!
  • We declare that the Lord Jesus Christ is established as the true Lord and King of Texas and He is our true cornerstone. The government is on His shoulder
  • We declare the mustering and release of intercessors throughout the state.  We declare the mourners to cry out for justice.  We declare the raising up of an army for God’s kingdom.
  • We declare the release of His provision, strength, harvest, life, light and GLORY in and through Texas, Louisiana, Mexico, and all of the United States.
Are you in?
Today we journey to key "beginning" sites of the El Camino Real in Natchitiches and Los Adaes (the first capital of the Spanish province of Texas).  We will end up tonight at Nacogdoches at Millard's Crossing.  See the links below for more info.

See you on the journey.  Answer the call!

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