Thursday, February 3, 2011

Roma - El Camino Real de los Tejas

The assignment is over.  Our journey on the El Camino Real de los Tejas is complete.  Today we head home and we ask you to pray for our safe passage.

The best way to describe what happened on this journey is through pictures Pat Wistner and my wife Kay expressed.  

Before we left Pat had seen a vision of our trip: "I saw the trail littered with debris, bones, clothes, personal items and bodies.  I believe that as you travel that there should be a declaration peace and restoration to every soul and their descendants who have been affected by slavery, drugs, oppression, etc.- breaking the curse of families and the State of Texas - which I know you are already doing.  Then I heard - NO MORE - the Clean-up crew if here!"

Yesterday Kay saw a carotid artery blockage.  The El Camino Real was blocked.  As we made the journey from Natchitoches/Los Adaes, Louisiana, the Lord used us to clean out this blocked artery so that the blood flow from His heart could once again surge with glory and healing into the entire body (Mexico and the United States).  The Lord also reminded us last night that just as a team had been used to reverse the curse of the Trail of Tears in Oklahoma, He had now started the process of reversing the curse of all the iniquitous roots that had been laid down over 300 years ago on this route.

Yesterday, on the anniversary of the signing of the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo we met with saints from the the town of Ciudad Miguel Aleman on the Rio Grande bridge. We repented to each other.  We blessed each other.  We made a covenant bond that we will work together for God's kingdom to be released.

Last night we did the same before the gathering of the body of Christ in worship at Bethel Mission.  We worshiped.  We humbled ourselves.  We gave the very generous gift gathered throughout the journey. 

The artery is open. The debris is cleaned away.  Healing is released from and through this same town on the border of two great nations.  Watch carefully as the words prophesied to Texas by Chuck Pierce find fulfillment:

"There is a nation in your loins and you will birth a nation. God is giving you the authority to address giants who are stopping it. The Giant will be addressed. There will be a grassroots movement from Texas that will be seen throughout the nation and the Giant will be addressed. It will be known that from Texas a nation was birthed, a nation went to war, and a nation had the victory.” 

"....The prince that has ruled the atmosphere along the border between the U.S. and Mexico will be dethroned because of the uniting of the hosts of Heaven and the armies of the earth! Because of what is beginning today, and what will be occurring in the next 24 months, satan's rule on this border will now be addressed, begin to shake and eventually fall!" (Spoken in 2009)

Tomorrow night (Friday) we gather in Arlington to witness part of that dethroning at the Roots of Islam gathering.   Last night, not surprisingly to God's timing, a radically saved former Muslim from India attended and was greatly encouraged by our willingness to stand against this giant! See you in Arlington on Friday at ROOTS OF ISLAM.
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