Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Healing Hearts, Healing Bodies

Here is a report by Ken Bryan of the Trail of Healing in Synder, Oklahoma

It Was An Awesome Time at Trail of Healing
Healing Hearts, Healing Bodies

Words would fail if I tried to adequately convey the magnitude of all that transpired during the "Trail of Healing" meetings in Snyder, Oklahoma.  The feedback from those in attendance has not only been positive, but the common quote is "the best meetings I have attended".  I will attempt to briefly cover the major highlights of a 3 day party with Jesus.

David and Cheryl Rhodes and the congregation of Spirit of the Lord Impact Center in Snyder displayed a spirit of excellence and hospitality, serving guests and ministers with great love and care.  They set the stage for what the Lord had in mind when He said "I came to serve not be served".  My hats off to the work accomplished by this team all weekend.

Enrique Morales.  If you know this gifted worship leader then all I would have to do is mention his name and you would understand.  Enrique stepped to the keyboard Friday night and Holy Spirit showed up.  It's just that simple.  Coming from the San Francisco House of Prayer to Snyder, Oklahoma, Enrique brought a new level of worship to the region for 3 days.  It didn't end until late Sunday afternoon.

Merrie Cardin from Brazos Strategic  Network, Granbury, Texas led off with a message on the victim spirit that plagues so many in the body of Christ and keeps them from operating in their inheritance of sonship.  You could see the freedom on people's faces as the revelation came that this was what had been plaguing them their whole life.

Dr. Tom Schlueter of Prince of Peace Church in Arlington, Texas and TXAPN coordinator redefined "the harvest" in preparation for this next move of God.  His message  brought fresh revelation and corrected the old wineskin model of harvest that has left the church in the condition it's in today.

My message Sunday addressed discipleship of nations referencing Matthew 28:19.  I went on to explain that Merrie, Tom and I had, during this weekend, demonstrated the gifts of apostle and prophet, operating together with Jesus as the chief cornerstone .

Apostle Jay Swallow opened Saturday nights meeting by praying for Tom and me.  Dr. Swallow went on to comment that we had properly and significantly addressed issues that brought a great release not only of healing but also of revival.  Rev. Frank Noah, of the Choctaw nation, closed Saturday night's session in prayer.

Hobay, (Jose' Lucern) Kiowa nation, brought a new buffalo drum Saturday night and asked Tom Schlueter and I to pray over and dedicate this drum to the service of the Lord.  It was the first time the drum had been played in public.  If you're not First Nations you may not understand the significant honor bestowed on Tom and myself at Jose's request.  But Jose' wasn't through.  At the end of Sundays meeting he took the hand of one of our team and began to dance at the front of the church.  Tom Schlueter, Mark Wauahdooah, Shade Large and Michael Harwick moved to play the drum as Enrique's worship continued to release Holy Spirit.  Soon the entire congregation was holding hands and dancing.  When everyone had joined in the dance Jose' led the line out the front door of the church and onto the front lawn beside Highway 118.

Billy Graham  once said "The greatest moments of Native History lie ahead of us if a great spiritual renewal and wakening should take place. The Native American has been a sleeping giant. He is awakening. The original Americans could become the evangelists who will help win America for Christ! Remember these forgotten people!"  Those of us holding hands and dancing our way out of the four walls of the church building Sunday afternoon got to witness and be part of the beginning of fulfillment of Billy Graham's prophetic word.

What does healing look like at a "Trail of Healing" meeting?  Pastor Rhodes went up to a man who joined the church during the meeting Sunday and introduced himself.  The gentleman replied, "David it's me".  The appearance of the man attending the meetings had been so drastically transformed that Pastor Rhodes didn't recognize him although he had visited the church before and David knew him personally.  As we were driving home late Sunday evening we changed routes at the last minute and traveled down Hwy 287 from Decatur to Dallas.  A short distance down the highway we passed a billboard that simply said "Healing Hearts".  God's purpose for this mission had been accomplished.  As meeting leaders Merrie, Tom and I stayed out of the Lord's way and let Him fulfill His purpose in the "Trail of Healing" meetings.

I could continue for days and still not properly cover everything the Lord accomplished in the 3 days we came together.  Physical healings took place, especially in bones and joints,  and hearts were healed as people were released, commissioned and sent out from Snyder to the nations.  We have started on "the Trail" and it will continue.  Plans are in place to for a series of "Trail of Healing" meetings commencing the last weekend of January 2011 in Natchitoches, Louisiana and progressing to the border of Texas and Mexico. Start making your plans now to join us as we traverse the "El Camino Real de los Tejas" and release healing along this "Trail".

If you would like any additional information on how you can be part of these "Trails of Healing" contact me at our Kenshire email address.

Blessings and see you on the trail!

Ken Bryan
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