Friday, August 5, 2011

A Statewide Call to Pray - Day Forty-Nine

Tomorrow is the day!  The Lord wants to deal with the heart of our state and nation.  We will gather at The Response in Houston to allow Him to pierce our hearts with His love and mercy.  Lord, we desire to draw near to You based on Your covenant with us! 

We gather here today as citizens of the United States of America and as citizens of God’s Kingdom. Our American citizenship being conferred to us by mutual place of birth and residence in God’s providence; our Heavenly citizenship being purchased for us by the finished work of Jesus’ death and resurrection on the cross in which we corporately trust. We recognize that as members of both this earthly and heavenly kingdom, it is our sacred duty and trust to bridge the gap between our nation and the Almighty. It has fallen to us, and to our watch, to bear witness of His righteous judgments in the face of impending calamity. We now endeavor to sound the trumpet of a watchman thus commissioned by God and stationed upon the ramparts of our great nation. (Ezekiel 33:1-7)

On behalf of our national sins and to any degree in which we have personally partaken we do now repent for:
The Sin of Arrogance and Indifference towards Israel: With chagrin do we attest that the policies of our nation have been in stark contradiction to your scriptural principals regarding your posterity, Israel. Our elected officials mediating on our behalf have continuously attempted to coerce Israel into giving their land into the hands of those who openly declare themselves their enemies. We recognize that it is You, O Lord, who has determined in your Divine Word the boundaries of this ancient and re-born nation. In light of this, neither we nor our government have the authority to demand that Israel give away what you have gifted. In this we have acted presumptuously.

In addition we have remained silent in the face of the deafening cries for the destruction of the Jewish people and their nation which echo from city squares and government halls across the earth. As the Body of Christ we have sinned against Your covenant people as well. By both denying that the covenant made with Israel is eternal and by declaring that the Jewish people need not salvation, we have gravely erred. We have also seen as outcasts those whom are both of Jewish ancestry and believers in our common Messiah, Jesus. The Church shortly after its inception, throughout its history, and even through the reformation, has given itself over to a spirit of anti-Semitism. Willfully have we instituted and enforced the schism between Jewish and Gentile believers. Forcefully has the Church sought to separate itself from the Jewish believers who duly served as a light to the nations, bringing them the Word of God and the revelation of the Gospel. Further, many of the worst atrocities committed against the Jewish people were encouraged, accepted, perpetrated or ignored by Christians. In these things we have sinned against You O God, who are in fact a keeper of all Thy covenants. Genesis 12:3; 15:8 – Numbers 34: 2-15 – Joel 3:1-3 – Zechariah 2:8 – John 17 – Romans 11 – Ephesians 2
Lord we are guilty; we beseech You to have mercy!
Tomorrow, August 6th, we will gather to confess with our mouths the sins of our nation. As You O Lord are the Author and Judge of heavenly Law, it is only Thee who has the right to choose between judgment and mercy. On behalf of our nation, we ask You Lord to consider mercy.
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