Monday, June 10, 2013


How can we tell?
  • Scripted answers.                        
  • Inconsistencies in story. 
  • Branding or tattoos, especially that reflect ownership or money.     
  • Bruising, with varied stages of healing with black, purple, blue, yellow shades.
  • Cigarette burns, rope burns, scars, cuts or other physical abuse.
  • Coming on to several men.
  • Appears helpless, shamed, nervous.
  • Malnourished.
  • Inability or fear to make eye contact.
  • Chronic runaway; homeless youth.                            
  • Dating much older, abusive or controlling man.
  • Not attending school or has numerous school absences.
  • Sudden change in attire, possessions, behavior.
  • Travels to other cities frequently.
  • Uses terms common to the commercial sex industry.
On its own, one of these signs might not indicate trafficking, but 2-3 together are a good indication. The average life expectancy for a child forced into sexual slavery is 7 years. Don’t wait. Call 911 and the National Human Trafficking Hotline, 1.888.373.7888, if you suspect something. It’s better to be wrong than not to report it. A life might just depend on it. Please also call Traffick911 and we can get them the help they need for healing, court, etc.

“This information has a short shelf-life. Trust your instincts. As we get older, we stop listening to our little Jiminy Cricket.”
- Phoenix Vice Sgt. Chris Bray
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