Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Call to Arms

On May 20, Kay and I headed to Victoria, Texas. As the coordinator of the Texas Apostolic Prayer Network (TXAPN) I was invited by Brick and Leann Wall of Rising Eagles Ministries to speak at the TXAPN Coastal Bend Regional meeting they were hosting. As happens so many times, the Lord interrupted our scheduled trip with a revelation from His heart!

I had already made plans with Brick to visit Goliad on Saturday. I had never been to Goliad which is the site of the execution (massacre) of Colonel Fannin and his men by the order of the dictator Santa Anna. The order was carried out just days after the fall of the Alamo in March of 1836. But as we made our trip south on Thursday we realized that we were also going through Gonzales. In October of 1835, Gonzales was the site of the famous standoff between eighteen men from Gonzales and over a hundred Mexican soldiers. They had been sent to retrieve a small cannon that they gave to Gonzales years earlier to stave off attacks by marauding Apaches.

But the townspeople refused to give it back. Instead they challenged the soldiers to "COME AND TAKE IT." They tried and failed. During the skirmish the cannon was fired and it was the first shot of the Texas Revolution. Near this same sight six months later, the newly appointed commander of the Texas army, Gen. Sam Houston, bivouacked the troops days after the massacre at Goliad and the fall of the Alamo.

At the Coastal Bend Regional meeting the Lord brought forth a word based on these events. Our enemy is no longer flesh and blood but the principalities of darkness. The enemy is trying to take away our authority and the weapons of the Spirit. Our call to arms is this: "Come and Take It." The enemy can longer prevail against us. He is defeated. We call the army of the Lord together to rise up and take possession of a kingdom that is already won for us through Christ Jesus.


  1. this is an awesome revelation. love it and can't wait to read what else you'll be posting....Congrats on the blog! love ya!