Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nate's Trip to Arlington

Sometimes the best trips are the ones you don't make. This weekend we had our second grandson, Jesse Nathaniel (Nate) Schlueter take his first visit to Arlington with his mom, Andrea. His daddy, Josh, is presently in Afghanistan. It has been a marvelous visit. Andrea (Dre) is an awesome mom. We have had a lot of fun watching Nate and playing with him. He met his cousin TJ and they love each other.

Nate went to our worship service this morning and was loved on by all the "grandmothers" of the house. He was in heaven but so were they. After services we adjourned to our backyard for a church cookout/picnic. And this evening the day ended with a beautiful sunset over Arlington.

Tomorrow Dre and Nate will head home to Midland. They are there while Josh is overseas. But before they go - its barbecue at the Fort Worth Stockyards. Its been a wonderful trip and we didn't go anywhere!
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