Saturday, May 29, 2010

Havoc Along the Border

When representatives of four states (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California) joined representatives from Mexico to journey along the border of the United States and Mexico, our assignment was clear in that we were to call forth the purposes and declarations that had been written in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848. The border prayer team scouted out the land, connected and built relationships, petitioned, interceded and declared God's heart over the land and people.  They learned from their experiences and each other as God instructed them.

Through prayer and worship and relationship-building their goal was to restore the foundations set forth in the Treaty by adhering to its principles.  The trip was about the hope of God restoring and transforming a people and a land where there are broken covenants, great mistrust, violence, drugs and human trafficking, corruption and death.  It was about the move of God in building godly relationships across the border where our two nations are joined.  It was about the message of returning to God and seeking Him humbly for His protection just as called for in the Treaty.

The Lord, prior to the trip, had made it explicitly clear to me that there were two distinct declarations that needed to be made along the border. The first was from Isaiah 28:14-22.  It speaks of the undoing of the covenant with death and pact with hell - replacing it with Jesus the cornerstone - life, healing, hope and kingdom authority.  The second declaration was based on Ezekiel 11, which reverses the curse of the city (border) being the pot and the people the flesh. God is tearing down the corruption at the gates and no less than 25 evil leaders from both nations will be discovered, brought down or destroyed by the time of Passover 2010.  At least a dozen were already dismantled during our trip.

As we witness the havoc along the border, the first impression might be - it didn't work.  But to the contrary, the Lord is at work.  We need to desperately pray for the protection of all life but the Lord is exposing the enemy.  He is "lifting the skirts" and revealing their intentions, strategies and personnel.  The light of the Lord will dispel the darkness. It is extremely important that we continue to decree His purposes along the border.  The battle is the Lord's!
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