Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Macedonian Call - PASS THE WORD!

GO TO EL CAMINO REAL for trip details!

We have entered a new season.  Although this may sound like a cliche, the fact is - it is the truth.  The Lord is looking at His body in a whole new way this season, we must respond to the call and come up higher.
In one week there is a team responding to a Macedonian Call from a church on the border with Mexico.  The four walled institutional churches that have supported missions in the past are facing financial difficulties.  The bottom line - churches that have financially supported God’s work in the past are not able to do that in this new season.  Now is the time for the remnant to step forward.
The call from the border church was for financial help.  Due to the drug cartel wars in Mexico the church has experienced a tremendous need for resources to meet the needs of people streaming across the border seeking refuge.  The cry has gone out and the Texas Apostolic Prayer Network (TXAPN) is responding.  A core team of 25 individuals will be traveling the length of Texas from Natchitoches, Louisiana to the Mexico/Texas border in response to “the call”.  This group is making the sacrifice of time and resources, paying their own way, to stand with a church in need.
We are asking you to join this assignment and sow financially in response to this cry for help.  No amount is to small.  If every one who receives this cry will give just five dollars then our goal of taking a minimum of $10,000.00 to the church would be met.
None of the money you give will be used for any portion of the trip.  IT WILL ALL GO TO THE CHURCH ON THE BORDER.
You can give in three ways.

  1. Mail to TXAPN, P.O. Box 3503, Arlington, Texas 76007
  2. Pay via PayPal at the eGiving link: TXAPN E-Giving.
  3. You are also strongly encouraged to meet with us in worship and giving at one or more of the locations along the trail:  See the locations at this link: El Camino Real
PASS THE WORD TO YOUR INTERCESSORY/MINISTRY networks.  Let us give generously to those fighting on the front lines.
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