Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nacogdoches - El Camino Real de los Tejas

Our journey began in earnest yesterday as we gathered at the Cane River/Red River in Natchitoches, Louisiana.  The morning was filled with mourning and repentance.  We re-established Natchitoches as a spiritual hub for the transportation of God's glory.  We dismantled the iniquitous structures and routes that had passed through this hub throughout the centuries - Queen of Heaven, human trafficking (slavery), drugs, witchcraft and the forced evacuation of the Native Americans.  We used the Lord's key to close the door forever to these powers and opened the door to the King of kings.  We established El Camino Real de los Tejas as His ROYAL ROAD.  One intercessor the night before saw a purple mantle coming upon the team and me.  We are a royal entourage - carrying His presence and glory into Texas.

The principal stops after Natchitoches were:
  • Los Adaes - the first capital of the province of Texas under Spain.  We laid the Yeshua cornerstone on the spot and dedicated this royal capital to our King.  The El Camino Real was a road that Spain used to connect one capital with another - starting in Mexico City and ending in Los Adaes.  Apostle Jay Swallow called us precisely at the moment we were placing on plumb line on the site of the Mission Chapel at Los Adaes and prayed and declared God's purposes over us.
  • The Sabine River - on both sides of the river we cut the old routes of sin (especially the forced membership into Freemasonry) that was imposed by the owner of the ferry before you entered Texas.
  • San Augustine - the location of one of the major Spanish missions planted along the Royal Road.  We dealt with a very strong presence of pain that was forced upon the Native American population.
We closed the night with worship at the Millard Crossing Chapel in Nacogdoches. it was another powerful time of worship led by the worship team from Word of Life (Pastor Simon Purvis) in Lufkin. We established God's purpose for synergy of the generations as a prophetic mantle was released on the next generation.  Our total offerings are now at $7200.  Continue to answer the CALL.

Today as we start our journey we will sign up fr the Lord's Army.  Here is Nacogdoches in 1832, a National Militia was formed, and again on January 14, 1836 (175 years ago) - David Crockett and his 65 volunteers signed up for the army with the provincial government of Texas.  We are headed down the Royal Road towards Alto, Mission Tejas, Crockett and eventually Bryan/College Station.

Thank you for your prayers.
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