Friday, October 12, 2012


There have been several confirming words that declare that worship will be the key to breakthrough in this season.  It is the key to keeping Texas secure under the bridal canopy.

See Dutch Sheets' word below.  Cindy Jacobs and Dutch will be hosting Reformation Day worship at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas on October 31 at 7 PM.  It is more than a gathering.  It is an expression or worship and prayer that it meant to shake the heavens prior to the elections on November 6. 

The City of Arlington is hosting a City-Wide evening of prayer and worship on Sunday, October 28 – the purpose – to come as one before His throne in order to worship and release righteousness into or city, state and nation. 

I AM STRONGLY EXHORTING THAT EACH REGION OF TEXAS gather for some sort of expression of worship and prayer during the week prior to Election Day.  The Lord will show you what to do.  No formula – just worship.  It might to large, small, city-wide or region wide. It might be worship offered the same night in homes or churches around your region.  You pick the date and the method, BUT I truly believe we are being called to worship!

And let your worship be worship.  This morning, Carolyn Hurst (intercessor and volunteer at Prince of Peace) shared a wonderful and powerful testimony of how the Lord commanded her to worship Him 45 minutes a day from July 17 through the end of November in 2000 (prior to President Bush's first election).  It is was to be pure worship.  She was not to use the time to intercede or to ask for anything (even in the songs).  She was to be totally devoted unto Him.  That's hard to do!  Oftentimes our worship shifts into songs of "asking the Lord to do something for us."  Let this be a season when we simply declare: "Lord, it is ALL about YOU!"
October 10, 2012   

Dear Friend,

        Three weeks ago one of my daughters had a dream concerning the presidential elections. In the dream, she was attending a campaign rally for one of the candidates. (I'm not revealing which one because I don't want to politicize the strategy the Lord gave me through the dream.) My daughter stood in the receiving line of this candidate, at the halfway point of the line, waiting to shake his hand. When he came to her a shocked and panicked expression came over him. He re-gathered his composure and said, "You're the music lady, aren’t you?"
       Boldly and confidently she replied, "That's right, I am."
        He stretched out his hand to shake hers. When their hands met, his hand lost all strength and fell limp. He pulled it away, re-gathered his strength and tried again. Once more, he lost his strength and his hand went limp. This happened a third time, after which he was so shaken and frightened that he turned and walked away, not finishing the second half of the receiving line.
        I believe the interpretation of the dream is obvious: the key to insuring that God’s choice wins this election is worship—the "music lady" is the worshiping Bride of Christ. As simple as it sounds, if the Church will worship over these elections, Psalm 22:3 and 149:5-9 will take place. This will remove the strength from one of the candidates and empower the other. Our worship will exalt the Lord and enthrone Him over our land. This is a simple yet powerful strategy.
        Interestingly enough, some are already doing this. There is currently 40 days of 24/7 worship taking place on the White House grounds. You can find more details at I encourage you to support this. I will be going to DC at least once, perhaps more, to join them in worship.
       Because of this dream, I am going to host A Night of Worship Over America at Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, from 7:00-10:00 P.M. CST on Friday, October 26. I am asking believers all across America to join us via live streaming (, or even hold your own live worship gathering on the same night. Together we will exalt and declare the Lordship of Jesus over America, and release His will and His favor over the elections. Imagine this happening in every state simultaneously. The results will be powerful!
     Help me spread the word. Let’s make sure God’s will is accomplished in these upcoming elections. "The music lady" will make the difference.

Running with Him,

Dutch Sheets
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