Monday, April 22, 2013

Seventy Days of Blessing - Day Thirty-Seven

Dear Servants of the King

Here is a summary of closing from yesterday’s message.  We are in day thirty-seven. The Lord has awakened our dreams.  He is calling us out as His bride.  He is giving us revelation and insights from His holy throne.  We are to shape the culture not conform to it.

He created us to be a culture of blessing that was to be released into all the families and nations of the earth. JESUS is the full manifestation of God’s kingdom culture. The commission to the church (ecclesia) is to advance the culture of God’s kingdom.

We provide a voice (a message) to the other cultures that acts as a change agent: wisdom, hope, revelation, direction and compassion.

We are to infiltrate the culture not isolate ourselves from the culture. We are the head not the tail. The BEST tool in the marketplace is success. Success leads to influence.  It is vital that righteous men and women occupy the seats of authority in every sphere of society. Avoid Distractions – set your eyes on the groom and reset to His default. Define your vision and establish covenant.

What is our ultimate goal in becoming a Change Agent?  To become a wedding planner!
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