Saturday, April 13, 2013

Seventy Days of Blessing - Day Twenty-Eight

Dear Saints

We are in Day Twenty-Eight of our blessings. My first thought was to post something related to the big event in our family which happens today. My youngest daughter is being wed in Antigua, Guatemala.

As I was perusing Facebook this morning I happened upon this picture. I used to preach  this message with a passion. Indeed, the church is a place for unsaved, wounded, broken, hurt and sick sinners to find refuge, forgiveness, healing and covenant relationships.  Our congregation has a propensity to witness severely hurt people (especially those battered by religious structures) walking through our doors.  They experience grace, God's presence and healing.

But I dropped the hospital scenario years ago. The church is like a hospital but it is similar to an infirmary on a battleship. There is a bigger mission at stake than just being a hospital. It is not a museum. It is not just strictly a hospital.  I've seen the results of churches that are nothing but hospitals.

And maybe the image of a battleship is too strong, but at least it is an image of a body of saints that  represents the Father's will to release His kingdom and will on this earth. Be healed. Rise up out of your bed and walk. Release light, life, healing, deliverance and hope to a world caught in darkness. Get on deck and let the enemy know that God's kingdom of righteousness, hope, mercy, grace and power has arrived! 

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