Thursday, June 6, 2013


Posted on the Facebook page of Traffick911
If you have a child in your life you care about, please close your eyes and imagine with me that child at 7, laughing, playing, making believe, dreaming big.

But, this 7-year-old suddenly has those dreams snatched away, her childhood snuffed out.

Imagine her now being raped for pay by a string of endless faces - for their own pleasure, their own power, their own control.

Being sold for the profit of her trafficker.

That is what the Traffick911 team has uncovered.

America, it is time to get sick at our stomachs at what is happening to our own children. It is time to fight and take our children back. It is time to stop believing this is only a third-world problem and do something about what is happening right underneath our noses.
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