Friday, June 28, 2013


The following was posted on the Traffick911 website:

Today I was writing about the lack of safe homes and services for American children forced into sexual slavery for a 21-day prayer initiative coming in September. And then this article came across my desk.

Do you know our American children are being devoured AFTER their trafficking because of lack of services?
Triumph House will be a long-term restorative campus for victims of sex trafficking under 18. Check it out: Article from Miami Herald.
That's why places like Triumph House are so important. The safe home will not be one big, institutionalized house.  It will be a campus of smaller homes where children can flourish in a home setting. 
Triumph House campus is located on a 168-acre ranch strategically located in the middle of the triangle formed by the major highways that connect Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin.  Having the property located in this location makes Traffick911 a new model for safe homes - within a couple of hours of most major Texas cities.
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