Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Yesterday the following post was on the Traffick911 Facebook page:
This weekend, one of our girls who was trafficked for 5 years walked across the stage for her high school graduation. So many dreams have been snatched from this girl, but this one came true. Yet, not one member of her family chose to attend. Many of these children have no one to do life with and that is how the traffickers lure them into their web.
A few weeks ago during our morning prayers, someone prayed a very common prayer: "Lord, rescue these children and return them safely to their loving homes." As wonderful as that prayer sounds, most often those captured by traffickers are children that had already experienced the horrors of abuse at home.  They ran away only to be held captive by a new set of abusers.  I heard a story yesterday of
a young girl who "tried sex" and the father's response was to sell her to others.  He declared, "At least make money for us."

Lord, we need safe havens for those who are rescued.  Yes, a few can return home to parents that have been grieving over a kidnapped child.  But we need more homes or safe houses that will provide genuine love, compassion, care and healing for those traumatized by this giant!
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