Friday, June 17, 2011

Adventures with Papa

Over the years of our marriage, my wife Kay has always thanked me for all the traveling adventures we've been on.  She fondly calls me "Park Ranger."  As our kids grew up, they often were skeptical about our trips.  Well, this weekend we successfully moved into the next generation.

We had promised our TXAPN Council Member from Johnson City - Cody Haynes and his wife Rene'e that we would come to Abilene, Texas this week to watch their daughter Shelbi participate in the Texas High School Rodeo Finals.  Shelbi was participating in three events: Barrel Racing, Goat Roping and Pole Bending.  We were able to make it last night in order to watch her race in the Pole Bending.

Well, we took grandson TJ with us.  And we had a great adventure. The proof is in the pictures!

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