Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Statewide Call to Pray! Day Five!

On February 5, 2008 the Lord woke me at 1:47 AM and said: "I am marking off each county (in Texas) for revival.  I AM the God of the flood, of the wind and of fire."  Later that morning at Glory of Zion prayers Chuck Pierce added that "each hill (county) needed to discover the enemy that the Lord wanted to remove from that that region so as to release revival fire."  When my wife Kay and I were ordained on June 7 at the Pentecost Conference (Glory of Zion in Denton), Chuck Pierce placed at our feet the 254 stakes that will be used to Stake the Counties.  We are decreeing that God will fan revival throughout our entire and into the surrounding states.
The Lord helped us identify key intercessory leaders/pastors/believers in each of the 254 counties of Texas.  Each county determined "the key enemy" of that county (hill).  We than carried out a synchronized "staking" of each county during Rosh Hashanah of 2008.

This Monday on conference call with the executive council of Texas as well as state leaders from Louisiana, Kansas and Oklahoma, the Lord impressed on us that we need to call forth the testimony that was planted into every county via those stakes.  We need to bring to remembrance the worship, repentance and declarations of fire and revival that were spoken as we pounded those stakes into the soil.

What makes this particularly significant is the timing.  God redeems time.  Chuck Pierce received a revelation from the Lord in May of 2008, which he was told by the Lord would come into redemption and fulfillment three years later in 2011.  This is that! You can read his letter regarding this revelation by going to this link:  Chuck's Word   The Lord is moving us through fire into revival fire.  He is lining up Texas and the South Central States (Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and New Mexico) with His kingdom.

On this fifth day of a call to prayer I am asking us to call forth those promises.  Did you help drive in one of those stakes?  Are you a city or county leader in the state?  Are you a citizen of Texas and of God's kingdom?  Take deliberate time today to call forth those promises of fire and revival.  Unless the Lord leads you to specifically revisit the staked sites, you do not need to go out to each location.  Those stakes "remember" the worship and testimony spoken over them.  Call it forth!

Thank you Lord for rains that covered large portions of Texas last night.  The Lord reigns!  The Lord rains!

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