Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Statewide Call to Pray - Day Twenty-Five!

Wanderings in the Wilderness - Today's blog is written by Ken Bryan of Waskom.

In an earlier post Tom referenced a word given by Tracy Hamlin in August last year.  Because I had accidentally found this word again as I was switching brief cases in preparation for our trip to Gettysburg and DC I felt compelled to bring it along to review.  More on this later.

What I’m seeing today is the Lord’s design for moving effectively in the Kingdom in the coming days.  Early on as the information came in on the 11-11 Campaign, I did not feel led to make the journey from New Orleans and cover the entire distance.  Wanting to support the mission I did discuss sending one of our team members and it was our intention to put that plan into action.  But the closer the time got for final confirmation, nothing felt right.

In the middle of working to hear clearly what the Lord would have us do Tom called me to discuss our part in the Campaign.  In our discussion I shared that originally when I realized I could not make the entire trip I felt that he and I would join the group at Gettysburg then journey with them to Washington D. C.  Turned out that was what he was receiving, but we decided to take this plan back before the Lord for final confirmation.  The next day Tom called with historical information that Lt. Colonel K. Bryan from Texas fought at “Little Round Top” in the Battle at Gettysburg.  We were beginning to hear now.  My wife Ginny took Tom’s information and did more research finding the actual Field Report of the battle fought by the Texas 5th infantry and how LTC. Bryan had taken command when the commanding officer had fallen.

Now back to Tracy’s word.  In the center of the prophetic word are these sentences, “The next step is simply the next step.  Don’t be concerned with two-steps ahead, but take the step right in front of you”.  That’s where Tom and I found ourselves, it was time to take the next step.  We booked our flights.  Here’s where things took an unusual turn.  Only Tom and I were going.  Normally Ginny and Kay would have accompanied us or team members would have been part of this trip but not this time.  God’s plan was now in place, our job turned out to be each day “take the next step”.  We pressed through and got to the meeting in Gettysburg Friday night just as the meeting started.  From the beginning Tom and I both we’re having a wilderness experience.  Surrounded by the teams that had traveled from east, south and west, we seemed to be out of step with the meeting.

After the meeting our discussion centered on the purpose for our being part of this journey.  Once again we had taken the next step.  The answer was we had a specific assignment in Gettysburg that had not been revealed to us before we set feet on the ground.  Tom called Apostle John Benefiel to relay our orders for the next day.  John blessed us and confirmed we were on track.  Saturday morning we set our course for the Gettysburg Battle Ground and “Little Round Top”.  For those of you who don’t know, Tom’s from Iowa and I’m from Texas.  Here we were North and South walking in unity back to the place of division and devastation that had torn this nation apart.  Enter the Lord.  I can’t explain it, I don’t even try but in the spiritual realm Tom and I were being called to stand in our offices of Apostle and Prophet and to take the next step.  We needed to hear then speak what the Lord would have us release over this ground.

148 years ago to the day we were now standing on the very ground that had been saturated with bloodshed.  A new foundation was being laid and Texas the “prophet state” had infantry on the ground.  As we made the climb to “Little Round Top” I looked out over the battle field trying to take in the vastness of humanity that would have covered this land.  Tom moved to the sight of the New York infantry just as a guide was speaking to a small group.  The guide said, “General Lee said those Texans are always on the move” just as Tom stepped up beside him.  He was right, Texas is on the move.  Back to Tracy Hamlin’s word, “Don’t simply rejoice at the rubble of the altars to Baal, but build an altar to Me in the middle of the enemy’s camp.  We built an altar at “Little Round Top” where once an enemy of Texas had camped and won a victory.  We passed no judgment, we worshiped, we prayed and we declared.  We stood in our offices, we asked no questions and we walked in obedience.  Today’s assignment was complete and tomorrow it will be time for the “next step”.  The Lord is doing something different and we can only walk it out one step at a time.

Ken Bryan

PS by Tom

During worship this past Sunday, the Lord reminded me of what Ken and I had done at Little Round Top through the words of Robin Mark's song "Take Us To The River" - Verse Two.

"Take us to the throne room
And give us ears
To hear the cry of Heaven
For that cry is mercy
Mercy to the fallen sons of men
Mercy it has triumphed
Triumphed over judgement
By Your blood
Take us to the throne room
In the city of our God"
CCLI 299683
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