Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Statewide Call to Pray - Day Twenty-Six!

The Texas Monument at Antietam
I sure appreciate these friends helping post blogs during my vacation.  Thanks Ken.

On to Antietam

One thing there is plenty of in the wilderness is time.  As reported yesterday Tom and I had completed our assignment at Gettysburg and had time before we headed to Washington D. C.  This being my first trip near all of these battlefields Tom thought we should check out Antietam with this time we had.  The same Texas units that fought at Gettysburg had also fought there.

Tom talked to James Nesbitt and found that Antietam was just a short distance from our hotel.  We had our plan for Sunday morning.  It wasn’t until we got in the car the next morning that we found out God also had a plan.  Those of you who are burden bearers (I’m not one), can relate to what happened next.  As Tom started to move the car I asked him to wait, the Lord started releasing a word that described His plan for us that day.  Funny we had simply taken the “next step” and the Lord had us positioned for His plan.  The word we received carried the weight of the burden we were to be under throughout the morning.  We didn’t talk much after that we just drove.

Once we reached the battlefield we acquired the necessary maps and headed to the Texas monument.  The monument was located on the road at an area now know as “the cornfield”.  It was at this location that the Texas 1st Infantry lost 82.3% of their men.  The total loss of life at the Battle of Antitum was over 23,000 for both the North and South.  As we walked over to the Texas monument Tom said “Go ahead and release what the Lord’s giving you”.  I tried, but under the weight of the burden I was now feeling all I could do was weep.  As my tears fell on the red granite Texas Monument I could only get out verbally, “Tom, you’ll have to speak into this”.  Tom prayed and declared under the same weight but he was able to articulate what was on the Lord’s heart as he spoke.

The Cornfield
We left and went on to “the bloody lane”, then up to the observation tower to look out over this vast area of blood soaked ground.  It was to be later in the day before the weight lifted off of us.  With the time I’ve had here in the wilderness I can now reflect and see the Lord’s hand in positioning His people for this next season.  I go back to Tracy Hamlim’s word of last August, “I have set Texas as the anchor.  If Texas falls the nation falls”.  But here Tom and I stood at the very locations where Texas had fallen.

But today was different.  God was resetting the clocks and calling forth a new order.  Today was a glimpse of what it looks like coming out of the wilderness.  This journey was never about Tom Schlueter and Ken Bryan; this was and is about the Lord’s proper alignment in the Kingdom (land on the other side of the wilderness).  Thru Tom and I, the Lord had prophetically joined together the North and the South, the Apostle and the Prophet, sent us out from Texas “the Prophet State” that had fallen and said “
Now bring order to this chaos, weep over the lost destinies of the generation that perished on these battlefields and redeem all that was lost.  Today something was different.  In the natural there were well over 150 people attending the 11-11 Campaign meetings, praying on the battlefield at Gettysburg so the area was covered in prayer and I’m not discounting 148 years of prayers and tears shed over these grounds.  But as we step out of the wilderness everything will change.  Natural eyes can’t see it, but in the Spirit Realm we will be called to walk in our offices taking only the “next step” and behold what G-d will do.

The Bridge at Antietam
We’re on the downhill side of the wilderness.  There’s just a little over two weeks left until “The Response” in Houston.  Governor Perry is standing in his office and whether he knows it or not he is positioning Texas for coming out of the wilderness.  I reference Tracy’s word again,  “Texas has taken in and taken in, in a sponge like fashion, quick to soak up every wind of doctrine and religious fad, but now Texas will give, give and give some more, of My Spirit, of My knowledge, of My wonders.  The nation will look at Texas and the consensus will be ‘well if it’s happening in Texas, it must be real’ and will cause so many other states to take ownership over the assignments I have given.  The “promised land” is before us, I report as one of two that have seen a glimpse, there are others.  The shift in the Spirit is occurring.  On to Washington D.C.

Ken Bryan
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