Thursday, June 10, 2010

Driving or Pushing?

A good friend of mine once said: "Doing ministry for the Lord is like driving a bus that the Lord has given to you to drive.  It is filled with gas and people. You have a vision, a direction, a purpose and provision to move ahead. BUT, if you ever find yourself pushing that bus, then its time to realize that the Lord is doing something new in your life and you best ask Him what it is."  Wow, I've pushed a lot of buses in my lifetime, but today that is different.

Over ten years ago I founded a group called Arlington Prayer Net.  Its basic purpose was to connect pastors, intercessors, congregations and ministries in the city of Arlington, Texas.  We desired to see the level of prayer rise in the city.  We desired to establish a network of intercession that focused our prayers on city-wide and region-wide issues.  We have witnessed many answered prayers.  We have carried out multitudes of initiatives regarding local government, education, family, air quality, businesses, healing, crisis, historical issues and ministry.  We have established God's presence at all of the gates in and out of the city.  Several years ago we organized a seven-week project of prayer walking the circumference of the city and releasing God's blessings. One of our annual gatherings is at Mt Olive Baptist Church where we hold a prayer luncheon for all the city leaders and have an opportunity to directly pray into their lives.  It has powerfully shifted the spiritual atmosphere of the city.

BUT...we began to notice that "bus thing" a few months ago.  Without going into detail, the Lord has taken us through a time of joyful transition.  Why joyful?  Because the very things we had been praying for manifested in the city.  The depth and intensity of prayer in the city has increased.  There is whole new group of church and ministry leaders in the city that have caught a passion for prayer.  Over 30 houses of prayer have sprouted up in the area.  On the Global Day of Prayer we witnessed the gathering of over 45 ministries/churches in the city leading 2500 people in prayer at the stadium of a local university.  Many congregations have established prayer rooms.  The work is not done, but the Lord is delivering a new bus.

It was exciting today to hear a testimony. About 15 years ago the pastors in the city had a vision to start up a 24/7 prayer room.  We prayed.  We planned.  We located a spot.  But for some reason - it never was birthed.  Today in the city, there is a new 24/7 prayer room called The Prayer Room DFW.  You can find it at this link: The Prayer Room.  Amazingly, it is located on the very spot that we had designated 15 years ago.  The young man leading the ministry was only 9 years old when we first surveyed that location.  God is answering our prayers and yours.  Just make sure you are driving the bus He has given you and not pushing one of of your own making.
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