Friday, June 18, 2010

On the Road Again

Near Thurber, Texas
Here we go again!  Every since Kay and I were asked to be leaders of the Texas Apostolic Prayer Network, we have literally put tens of thousands of miles on our car.  A lot of people ask: (1) why all the traveling? and (2) its Texas, why don't you fly - how can drive so much?

First, we travel Texas and beyond because the Lord has asked us to.  It is our assignment.  We pray for this state, this land and its people.  We are asking the Lord to reveal His presence, favor, grace and glory upon us.  We do not take this assignment lightly.

Second, I've flown a few times when I'm called to a meeting across state and I need to be home the next day, but honestly I love driving.  It allows me to see the land and meet people.  Growing up, our family was always driving.  On vacations we would stop at places of interest, parks (especially National and State) and sleep over in motels or campgrounds.  It hasn't changed.  As a matter of fact it is become more intense.  More than likely because of our new found relationship with Native Americans, we have grown in our love for the land and its people.  We desire to see it and them redeemed, healed, producing and beautiful. 

And besides, we get to find some great eating spots.  On this trip we just ate at Skeet's Bar and Grill in Sweetwater, Texas.  Wow! We had an awesome rib-eye steak with veggies.  Bummer though - we are restricting some of the foods we are eating (fried, etc) and I saw the most beautiful chicken fried steak go by my table.  You know me.  This is a real sacrifice.

And some things never change (or do they?) Three years ago Kay and I drove the circumference of the state.  It took us about two weeks to go the 3200 miles.  Along the way, Kay finally asked me to stop at a Wal Mart.  I asked her why?  She said, "We have been driving and praying for this land for four days.  I need a Wal Mart."  When we walked in - she just walked around.  She just needed that "fix."  Well, the heavens are shaking tonight.  We went to a Wal Mart earlier today but tonight it was K Mart.

Tomorrow we continue driving in Texas as we make our way to Ruidoso, New Mexico.  It sure is beautiful out here.  Lord - bless this land.  Bless these people.  And Lord, especially bless Sweetwater, Texas.  According to a word given by Chuck Pierce, there is a outpouring of God's glory coming across Texas from Louisiana.  It was seen by Chuck in a dream which included a large fig leaf.  The leaf extended to here.  We call forth that glory!  Thank you Lord.
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