Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Another Father's Day has come and gone.  For the first time in years I was not at home on this special day.  But that did not keep it from being special.  First I heard from my middle daughter Katie and my grandson TJ in Arlington.  At the time we were driving north on I-25 to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We arrived in Albuquerque and while we were eating lunch my son Josh called from Afghanistan.  He is serving with the US Army Military Police and doing well. 

We arrived at our destination this afternoon (Flagstaff, Arizona) and while we were walking around the historic old town my youngest daughter Amy called from Guatemala. In the meantime I was able to talk to my dad who lives in Fredericksburg, Texas and I received Facebook greetings.  Wow - I love this ability to communicate.  It has been a grand day that was finished off with a Father's Day meal with Kay at Red Lobster - salmon, shrimp, scallops and asparagus.  There's that eating theme again.

By the way as we came into Flagstaff we were met by an enormous fire in the National Forest north of the city.  It is not causing us any problems.  The prevailing winds are going the opposite direction.  We will be able to safely go to Grand Canyon National Park tomorrow.  We are praying for a quick extinguishing of the flames and the protection of lives and homes.

God bless each of you!
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