Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Statewide Call to Pray! Day Eleven!

Today's blog is by Ken Bryan of Waskom, Texas.

After reading yesterday's blog I was struck by the time frame we have before us, 40 days until “The Response” on August 6th.  The 40 days captured my attention and I was drawn to the baptism of Jesus and his 40 days of testing that followed.  My team was conducting a meeting in Carenco, Louisiana this past week end and two words came forth, both related to the time we are entering.  The first word given by one of the team members was that we were entering a time of testing that for some of us could start immediately.  As I closed the meeting Sunday I challenged the group with this word, “Do you trust God”? 

With my focus back on Jesus I come to the revelation that we also are entering a wilderness time.  As we monitor the drought map of Texas and the southern portion of this nation we are facing becoming a desert if the rains don’t come.  We look at the fires scorching the country and cry out to heaven, “Lord, let it rain, open the floodgates of heaven”.  Then we have flooding in North Dakota and the Los Alamos reactor being threatened by fire.  The list grows daily of hopeless situations in this country.  “Do you trust God?” 
We are being tested and the tests will continue.  Jesus didn’t know all that he was facing as he came out of the baptismal waters and started His wilderness experience.  He had to trust the Father.

I was talking to Tom yesterday morning and made this comment to him: "God declared He was well pleased with His beloved Son prior to the first day of testing beginning."  As I was sharing this I had the revelation that God the Father is well pleased with us prior to the test we will soon be facing.  If He can be pleased with us now, knowing what we are facing, how much better will it be for us when we step out on the other side of our testing after these 40 days.
I was gently reminded that it was after Jesus endured the testing that He stepped into His destiny - the reason for His being.  Like Jesus we are poised to step into a new phase of ministry on the other side of this time of testing.

We are walking toward history over the next 40 days.  The governor of Texas has issued a Clarion call for a sacred assembly.  This is historical in today’s political climate.  Governor Perry, the political leader of the state, has entered a time of testing.  What will the outcome be for his political career?  If the governor can lay his career on the line for the sake of the Kingdom, how much more will the Father expect of us called to ministry?  
You will be tested. You can trust God

Ken Bryan
Kenshire Ministries, TXAPN Executive Council


Watch for more tomorrow!  Our God reigns.  Lord, release Your rain!
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