Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Statewide Call to Pray! Day Twelve!

Yesterday in the blog, Ken Bryan wrote: “I was gently reminded that it was after Jesus endured the testing that He stepped into His destiny, the reason for His being.  Like Jesus we are poised to step into a new phase of ministry on the other side of this time of testing.  We are walking toward history over the next 40 days.”

As we gathered Monday night in El Dorado, Arkansas with the Arkansas Apostolic Prayer Network, Chuck Pierce was ministering.  As he spoke about knowing God's timing for breakthrough, he began to share the transition in Jesus’ life from Nazareth to the Wilderness and back to Nazareth.

Jesus grew up in Nazareth.  He was known as Joseph’s son.  Everyone knew Mary as well as his brothers and sisters. But Jesus left his home to journey to the Jordan to meet John.  He was baptized.  He was revealed as God’s Son.  He was sent by the Spirit into the wilderness.

When He left the wilderness and returned to Nazareth, they did not recognize Him.  They were familiar with the other Jesus, but not the One now anointed into His destiny. After the wilderness, Nazareth could no longer recognize Jesus and they had no faith to receive His miracles.  The old atmosphere was resistant to the new.  What’s the point?

We are in such a season.  We are presently walking through a wilderness.  All other resources are literally "drying up" and we are being tested at each turn.  Will we (as a state and nation) trust God?  Will we bow our knee to Him and Him alone? How will we respond? And as we walk through this time with the Lord, do we realize that we will appear different to the world around us?

On April 21, we finished our state assignment to revisit the significant sites of Texas’ War of Independence.  There at San Jacinto, the Lord spoke the following word: (It is also recorded in the blog: The Task is Finished)

The enemy established his laws and times but today, I the Lord, have lined up this land with my laws and times. This State and Nation is now aligned with me. My kingdom is coming but it won’t be coming to a landscape that you recognize.  Everything is changing, but it is changing in accordance with My will and My kingdom.  Say goodbye to the lifestyles, the times, and the locations that you have grown accustomed to – My kingdom is coming forth.  It will not look like the kingdoms of the earth.  You have passed over.  You have crossed over and this will change all things.  All things will shift. Do not fear or be dismayed for things will change in the days to come but I am changing them. Let go of your old times, locations and memories for I am bringing my kingdom to the state and nation. The State will look different, but it is good, for it is the look of My kingdom. I am this day declaring victory, victory, victory!
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