Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Statewide Call to Pray! Day One

Let's make this perfectly clear from day one - this is not about praying for rain!  It is about our sole reliance on our Lord!

Once again the Lord drew my attention to Elijah in 1 Kings 19 and to Peter in Acts 12.  Elijah has just experienced one of the most awesome demonstrations of God's power in pagan-riddled Israel and he is now running for fear from Jezebel.  Peter has been at the center of the unleashing of God's Spirit on the newborn church.  He has experienced God's manifested power over sickness, death and demons, yet he is chained up for certain execution.

The Lord has revealed His plans to use us for the unfolding of His kingdom in these last days.  We have witnessed the working of His mighty hand.  We have received awesome revelation of His purposes.  Yes, Lord - Your kingdom come and Your will be done, BUT YET we are ravaged by drought, barrenness, tornadoes and floods.  Perversion and death seem to have the upper hand.


Out of depression, fear and impending death - Elijah is assigned the task of anointing the next generation.  Surrounded by numerous guards, chains and impending death - Peter is divinely released to lead the newborn church.  Regardless of the circumstances that surround us - drought, barrenness, perversion or death - God will bring forth His kingdom.  Along with the other states of this nation, I know that the Lord has a specific portion for Texas.  He needs us and has appointed us to take the lead, BUT it cannot not be in our strength.  It is a season for Texas to quit boasting and to lead the nation in bending our knees before Him.  Texas is a great state but let our greatness be defined by our humility and our willingness to worship, serve and rely only on the Lord.

At that moment - I believe we will witness the Lord reign and the Lord's rain!
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