Friday, June 17, 2011

A Statewide Call to Pray!

This morning (June 17) I awoke in Abilene, Texas.  On the drive to Abilene it was not hard to miss the extreme drought that has latched on to our land.  As I was meditating on my daily Bible reading, the two texts that caused my spirit to leap were 1 Kings 18:1-46 (especially verses 42-46) and Psalm 135:6-7. Both of them spoke of the rain that the Lord causes to fall upon the earth.  The first text refers to the end of the drought during the time of Elijah.  After the powerful and supernatural defeat of the Baal prophets on Mount Carmel, Elijah bows before the Lord and sends his servant seven times to check the status of the weather.  On the seventh visit the servant reports the formation of a small cloud.  Elijah urgently declares their departure ahead of the coming drought-ending downpour.

In Psalm 135, the psalmist rejoices in the Lord.  He praises the Lord for His greatness.  He acknowledges that the Lord alone is One who opens the heavenly storehouses in order to bring lightning and rain!

My next statement is going to sound silly. We need to ask the Lord of heaven and earth to send forth the rain. 

We have been.  People, believers and unbelievers, have been longing for rain.  Our Governor has called a day of prayer several weeks ago to deal wit the drought and the spreading wildfires.

SO NOW WHAT! Seven times Elijah sent His servant to check for rain.  All day the Lord has been strongly impressing on me that we need to set aside the next seven days (June 18-24) to call out for rain on a concerted state-wide level.  The Lord has allowed us to raise up a network of intercessors throughout the state that numbers in the thousands.  I AM ASKING that you send this call unto everyone you know within the state and starting tomorrow (June 18) we will set our eyes on the Lord and watch the clouds for His rain.

A few days ago I wrote the following to our statewide council for TXAPN: "The drought remains our biggest and most significant concern regarding Texas and the region.  I know that all of us have been praying and seeking the Lord on His wisdom regarding it.  The only impression (but a strong one) that I am getting was confirmed at the Pentecost Gathering in Corinth, Texas (Global Spheres).  The Lord has us in an intended season of barrenness in order to bring us to complete reliance on Him.  He will bring forth in kingdom life."

In response, the Jimmy and Martha Dusek (TXAPN Regional Leaders from San Angelo) wrote: "I just wanted to add that God has been speaking to me also about the drought, and I have heard things very similar to what you have mentioned. God has said that His purposes were being fulfilled and when that was done it would rain. He also said He was dealing with hardness of hearts in the region and causing men and women to turn to Him in surrender. I really believe that circumstances are being shifted in the Spiritual atmosphere over our region of Texas through this drought.

I agree. Let us rely on the Lord.  Let us set our eyes on Him.  Let us confess that He is our own source in barren, drought-filled times.  Get on your knees Texas.  I believe that we have exposed the Baal prophets and systems, but we still struggle at giving total reliance of our lives into God's hands.

For the next seven days I will send out a reminder to pray.  PASS IT ON!
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