Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Statewide Call to Pray! Day Nineteen!

It's July 6th.  Yesterday afternoon I returned home from an assignment in the Washington DC area.  As I reported in previous blogs, Ken Bryan of Waskom and I journeyed to Gettysburg and Washington DC to be a part of the 11-11 Initiative.  It was a powerful time of resetting covenant as a nation with our God and Lord.  But as often happens, Ken and I found ourselves being sent by the Lord on other assignments.  Soon after we arrived Ken found a folded, almost crumbled copy, of a word that was given to our Texas Apostolic Prayer Network council a year ago.  It was delivered by the same Tracy Hamlin that gave the word regarding Texas last month, which I posted on my blog on July 4th!

I won't quote his entire word from a year ago, but let me state this - it was meant for this year not last.  One portion stated:
As you have lit a flame at the altar, I am lighting an everlasting fire inside this local body, as a beacon and a sign to this community.  Even the bridge being torn down was by My hand alone.  I am tearing down the bridges that man has built that lead to nowhere.  I am tearing down to rebuild, and even turn things full circle and I will bridge every gap between races and churches in this community.  When I tear down, I rebuild.  As you tear down, you must also rebuild.  Don’t simply rejoice at the rubble of the altars to Baal, but build an altar to Me in the middle of the enemy’s camp. 
As we entered Gettysburg we were frustrated that the two major bridges that carry you into the city from the south had been torn down and were being rebuilt.  The flame on the altar was a literal oil lamp that was placed and burning at the front of the worship room we were in.  The oil lamp had first been bought by persons in Houston during the revivals led by Pentecostal George Parhum before he sent William Seymour to Azuza Street in Los Angeles.  It had been carried by car 3300 miles from Washington State by the 85 year old relative of those owners to be at this meeting in Gettysburg.  And on the spiritual ruins of Baal at both Gettysburg and Washington DC - we build an altar of worship unto our God.  One of the main structures which promotes Baal and Freemasonry is the Washington Monument.  As we stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial - we saw that the Reflecting Pool has been torn up for repair.  IT WAS NOT REFLECTING the monument.

To say the least we not only walked on natural battlefields (Ken and I also walked and prayed the grounds of Antietam and Harper's Ferry) but fought fierce spiritual battles.  By the time we sat down near the Iwo Jima Memorial to watch the Capital Fireworks, we were battle worn.  But that is the season we are in!  Like Elijah and Jesus, let me remind you that we are walking through the wilderness towards a fresh kingdom revelation!  Stay the course.  Fight the good fight!  Set your eyes on Jesus!  And once again - THE LORD REIGNS.  Lord, bring forth Your rain!
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