Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Statewide Call to Pray - Day Thirty!

Here is a word of the Lord given to Tracy Hamlin of Oklahoma City on July 14, 2011.


I inquired of the Lord what happens next, ”after the rain”, (a friend of mine that serves as my armor bearer had mentioned that heading on Elijah List, and it caught my spirit, so I inquired) and He said “the harvest”.  I chewed on that for a bit, and then He said “but first, the growing season."  The rain brings the growth that brings the harvest.”  I got the impression that this was related to wealth, and awakening, both.  Here’s the rest of what He spoke to me:

You are entering a season of growth.  Because of the prayers for rain and the divorcing of the evil entities and iniquities, the rain has come, the rain (reign) is coming, and the rain (reign) will come.  Growth is the natural result of rain, and harvest is the reaction to the growth.  In natural terms, enlarge your vats, enlarge the tents, and enlarge the warehouses and storehouses.  Enlarge your tools; widen the swath of the harvesters.  Widen your scope of the field, widen your vision field.  In natural terms, grow that place that will hold the harvest, and prepare the place for the overflow.

You will need more than what you think.  Enlarge your thinking.  This is not simple math, this is exponential.  Where once 1 would produce many, 1 will produce innumerable.  It will not be for counting that you see the overwhelming harvest come, it will be for moving and redistributing.  Wealth is the tool for harvest, so be ready to take it in and store it for distribution.  Growth, then harvest.

Now is not the time to get overly anxious and pluck the green plant from the ground prematurely, or to eat your seed.  Harvest brings more seed, along with meat to eat, so continue on, continue to renew covenant with the land, with the earth, with the heavens, with Me.  Continue to remind the demonic structures that there is no right to come in to your harvest and your seed any longer.  The thief will repay, but first he will stop stealing.  You have been stolen from for so long, that even when that stops it will seem as if the increase has come.  Recovery is on it’s way, be prepared for the turning of the tide, the shift in the flow.  It will no longer go out from you without returning, but when you give, it will come back in a harvest way.

This is a new season for many - you have not ever seen the likes of harvest, but have had to eat your seed to survive.  No more.  Seed will be placed in your hand to plant, no longer to eat, until it is the product of harvest!  I will bring the rain!  I AM BRINGING THE RAIN!  Rejoice in the rain, be refreshed by the coming season, but be cautious not to linger and become lethargic – there is much work to be done in the harvest.  Enjoy the harvest, be fattened by the increase, but don’t become complacent – there needs to be replanting.  I have set creation with cycles, so be aware of the season you are in, while preparing for the next.  It is foolishness to think that it will always be sunny, or always be cold.  The seasons will exist forever, and it is the wise man, the wise CHURCH that plans for the next while working the present.

Expand the gathering place, enlarge the meeting place, for I am preparing you to harvest, and there will be need of more seating and more gathering places.  This is a word for My CHURCH, prepare the gathering teams.  Prepare the ones that will train the ones that will harvest in the NEXT harvest.  RAIN is good, but HARVEST is the goal.  While the harvest is being readied, be vigilant to tend the growth and watch the field for pests and things that would distract from the harvest.  You know well the wheat and tares, but there is more strategies the enemy has to choke out and detract from the harvest while the growth is taking place.  I am showing you those tactics so that you can be aware and prepare to counter attack those points.  It will be vitally important to go geographically to the source to deal with some of these things as the place of their conception.  Pests are not born in your field, they are born somewhere else, and come into your field in the opportune manner and the opportune time.  If you destroy their birthplace, then they never come to your field, and will not affect your harvest.  Seek the root, seek the birthing place of the root of pestilence and destroy it.  Tear it down, tear it down and destroy its foundation.  Is this literal?  Yes, there will be literal structures that will be torn down, on the earth, in your midst, and I will repurpose that land for MY harvest, whereas it has been used to foster the enemy’s destructiveness.  I am bringing the rains again… be aware of why, and prepare for the next work.

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