Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Statewide Call to Pray - Day Thirty-Four!

"The Shift Has Begun - Time to Stand TALL Texas!"

A Prophetic Word to the State of Texas
by Karla Shrake       
"Find your places and shift with Me," says your Father. "Know that I have begun to shake everything that can be shaken in the earth and Texas is one of My beginning points. Both things and people will be put into their rightful places, or they will be moved aside. For nothing and no one can stand in the way of My plan for the time is short and I have much that needs to be accomplished, so you must find your places and shift with Me. Shift with Me into new mindsets and realms, shift into working together rather than independently, shift into believing that I am not only able but also willing to do all that I have spoken in My Word. Stand TALL Texas, for it is in your DNA as you were birthed from My loins to be strong and courageous, for there were many righteous in your family ancestry."

"For within the womb of Texas lies a great tidal breaker-anointing that is beginning to swell and gain momentum. Deep within the belly of this great state lies a tsunami that truly shall shake not only the US, but the nations of the earth. For within the courageous bosom of this appointed state lies a Gideon's army, those who are fearless and ready to move at My command!" says the Commander-General of all the earth. "There is a fiery rumbling from the deep, indeed from My innermost depths. And yes even the continental plates are shifting as you witnessed in Japan for the earth has begun to groan with the birth-pangs that precede the return of My Son."

"My beloved Texas," says your Father-Founder "you will not miss this holy moment, your opportunity to be a tool, a weapon in My hand, for I shall use you  to smite the enemy who has greatly overstepped his boundaries in this dark hour. Rise up Texas into the greatness for which you were born and conceived! For did I not wire into you from the beginning My fire, My strength, and My purpose? There is much blood that cries out to Me from your soil, blood that was shed in days gone by, by many soldier-heroes and stout pioneers who bravely stood their ground to establish your boundaries and your great land."

"For such a time as this Texas, rise up and take your place among the nations, for while you are one of the fifty US states know that I have separated you out to be a sign and a wonder to represent Me in this hour before not only your own nation which has so badly lost its way, but I have raised you up to stand with Israel in her hour of great need. For this is your calling to put Israel into her proper place of God-given priority and honor and as you continue to do so you yourself will become established in greater stability and ever-increasing honor and financial blessing."

"For I have taken notice," says the Most High "of your Governor, My son Rick Perry, who has rolled out the red carpet of welcome to my first-born in the blessing of the commerce and entrepreneurship of Israeli business owners. This goodwill by your Governor has opened your state to great financial blessing, job growth and strength. And understand dear ones, it was no accident that your coastline, your shores, were protected during the oil leak of 2010 in the gulf. Know most assuredly that I protect and honor those who honor Israel! For the battle-lines have been drawn from long ago as nations rise and fall based on how they treat my first-born, the sons of Jacob."

"And while some of your country's leaders have turned aside from being a faithful friend to Israel, My eyes are upon you because you have courageously stood against the tide of pressure both at home and abroad. Be not intimidated for remember I am the One Who rules in the nations of the earth. Stand your ground for I am with you and I am moving greatly in your midst! As I preserved Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace long ago so shall I preserve you Texas. They too had the backbone to refuse to bow to the ungodliness of their day and I Myself stood alongside them in their fiery trial bringing them safely through. Know that I am also pleased to stand alongside you in your challenges."

"It is time to unify, to unite and rally your forces and resources to come together like in days of old. Your wise ancestors and brave pioneers understood well the power of unity as neighbors joined with neighbors and communities with communities in the fight for good and for survival.  For as you come together, great will be the increase of your strength, effectiveness and impact. Prefer one another in love and look to Me to see where, how, and through whom I am moving for I am moving strategically during this season of time. For I hear the battle-cry of those who've gone before who've stood for good, fairness and right, both their blood and their prayers have come up before Me as a memorial-remembrance. My right hand is raised and ready to move over your state."

"Surely Texas, this is your appointed hour to rise up into that place I created long ago for you, a place of great influence, leadership and courage.   The thundering sound of righteousness shall arise from within you and resound throughout the land, not only within your own state borders, but from sea to shining sea, bringing hope to the hopeless and light that shall pierce the darkness. You will become a role-model for others to emulate.  For you were born to be a living torch in My hand, a firebrand for good," exhorts your proud Father.

"Gird up your loins and run with Me for I have appointed you to lead the way. I am sending strength and empowerment to run and I am sending winds, fresh winds of destiny and purpose to refresh you and lift you. Winds from heaven are being sent to clear the air, to blow away the choking smog of confusion and complacency that have settled upon your state and even upon many of your leadership."

"I am clearing the air," says the Most High, "because your Governor has honored Me by honoring Israel and also by dedicating days of prayer and a place for prayer within your state. This greatly pleases Me My children for this is the only way your land can be healed and rescued from the darkness that has infiltrated like a thief in the night."

"Pray for your Governor," exhorts the Lord of Hosts, "for I desire to use him and raise him up. Pray for his protection and for those around him, for all that concerns him in this critical hour, for he is Mine. For such a time as this I will position and use him according to My desire, so get behind him and pray daily. He is a key player in the shift that must take place, indeed that has already begun issuing forth from My innermost chambers."
"In My Word did I not exhort you to pray for those in government? So   P-R-A-Y  Texas! Bless him unto My plan and purposes which will continue to unfold before you.  Do not stay on the sidelines in futile speculation, but rather let your vote be counted in the courtroom of heaven by taking your place of governing authority on your knees in prayer and fasting to bless what I am blessing in your midst! I consider your Governor to be My friend because he is a friend to Israel. Did I not say I would bless those who bless Israel?"

"Know that all stems and flows from Jerusalem, from Israel and its boundaries and land for I am forevermore married to this land! I am making note of those who cry out to preserve and protect My land and its people. Those who do so will be preserved and protected though there will be challenges and trials in the days ahead. When the land of Egypt suffered plagues long ago under Moses' leadership did I not preserve and protect Israel and even liberate them? Have I not always preserved and honored My faithful ones, My righteous? For as you hold fast to Me in this critical hour of human history know that you shall not only be preserved, but you shall surely overcome," comforts your Father.

"But run and run quickly into the highways and byways of the earth to save the perishing, to tell them of My Son's blood, the only pathway of redemption and rescue. Tell them of My Father's heart of love for them and how I yearn to spend eternity in sweet fellowship with them. Please dear ones, as you go in the power of the Spirit raise up the banner of My love, for multitudes are in the valleys of decision. I deeply desire they find their way back home to the rescue-ark which has been prepared for them through the atoning blood of The Lamb Yeshua/ Jesus. I so love each and every one in all the nations and cultures of the earth! You must gather the precious harvest while it is still day, for there comes an hour when no man can work, and midnight is fast approaching."
"I love you Texas," says your Father, "and be assured that My signet ring of blessing is upon you as you labor for My name, My cause and My people Israel."

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