Monday, July 25, 2011

A Statewide Call to Pray - Day Thirty-Eight!

Yesterday morning was interesting.  I was up early as usual as I made preparations for Sunday morning worship at Prince of Peace Church.  As I was finishing, I reached for my wristwatch and noticed that it had stopped.  I laid it down and went to a dresser drawer where I knew I had other watches.  A couple of years ago at Christmas I had received two as gifts.  I reached for one and noticed that it to had also stopped.  Crazy. 

I reached for another and yes, it had stopped.  You know the rest of the story.  I picked up the fourth and last watch and it too had stopped.  Puzzled, and yet knowing that this was not a mere coincidence, I went over to the church with no timepiece.  On arriving at the church I realized that I had forgotten an errand.  Our projection system bulbs had burned out and I had forgotten to get them replaced early in the week by someone or even by myself.  So now I am up on a ladder changing a bulb. 

To add to all of this - even though I several different notes before me - I did not know what message the Lord would have me speak.  The Lord unraveled it in our midst. During worship, after I had shared my wristwatch story, one of our members, Marsha Allred, brought me a word.  She announced that it was for me BUT I knew immediately that it was a word for the entire congregation as well as the kingdom body of Christ in Texas.
The 'energy' that propelled your days in the past has run out.  That day is no more.  Today I am 'resetting' your days to be powered in a new way.  You have been a faithful son - now it is time for you to come up higher - now is the time for you to see with new eyes - speak with a new sound - hear with a new heart - and move in a new power.  The flesh cannot take you where I have destined you to go - only by the power of My Spirit.  Come into Me, My son. Come into Me.  Come into Me in a deeper way then you've ever known.  Listen for My sound - for Mt touch - I love you son.  You are my true son - my heart trusts you.
Remember!  It's wilderness time.  The Lord is in the process of removing old things from us.  He wants us to hunger and thirst for Him alone! Let go of the old.  Close the door to the past.  That time is gone.

New power.  New time.  New bulbs (revelation). It's time to reset!  It's time to respond to the Lord with a commitment only unto Him. By the way, it took me longer to get today's blog out because I had to 'reset" our computer and internet system.

Tomorrow I will share a significant event that took place in our midst that relates to Texas and the upcoming Response.
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